When I started college, I had girls physically turn their backs to me because I didn’t live in the dorms. Talk about feeling like you don’t belong.
When I was introduced to Origami Owl about 8 months after that & walked into my first team meeting, every single person made me feel welcome and like I belonged. And because of that, my entire life changed. And now, my goal is to make sure that EVERYONE knows they matter and feels like they belong.
So we’re changing lives all across the US- I am so proud that my team the Hoot Mamas now represents 11 states, say whatttt?! If you’re looking for a sign to try something new and be a part of something so fun and meaningful, then THIS is it! Because THESE PEOPLE are my why.. and maybe they’ll be yours too ✨
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**WHY CLOCKING YOUR STEPS IS SO FUN FOR ME!** "Swipe left for the reason!"❤️🐕 Getting started on a healthy active lifestyle does not mean jumping into a #hiit workout (please don't!). Start small and steady by aiming to finish 10,000 steps daily! Most smart phones have a tracker function so find out how to set up your tracker and starting walking! I own two furkids which I love dearly. Their two walks a day helps clock almost half of that target!😂 If you would like to know more about how you can get a result with me, click on the link in the bio!
Coach Bryan 📲
+65 9177 5573

Credit: Felicity Lyons Rd MBDA

let me tell you a little bit about this crazy arbonne thing i’ve been doing. two short months ago, after talking myself out of it time and time again, i stopped caring what people might think about me if i just said YES! i will be the first to admit, i was the girl who thought i was too good for something like this, thought well i don’t need an additional income, i already have a successful business, thought those things just don’t work. then it hit me, if anyone else can do this, i sure as hell can! i did it skeptical, i did it anxious, i did it scared. the important thing is, i just did it! people will say whatever they want. in the words of @msrachelhollis “someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business!” and girl friend amen to that!! i certainly don’t mind the additional $800+ direct deposit a week on the beach as my freaking SIDE GIG! STOP watching me and JOIN ME! I AM GOING TO THE TOP, and the best part is i’m taking a gang of boss babes with me!! message me and let’s chat. it just might change your life! 💥 #watchmeorjoinme

• The B R A V E S T thing you can do is be YOURSELF •

What a night for new team member Darren 🙌🏻 .... tonight we launched Darren’s business with great success.
Lovely to meet your family and friends and show them a insight to Herbalife 💚
Crazy thing is I never knew daz a few weeks ago and he’s been loving the products and lost well over a stone in body weight and still on his own personal journey but said it’s the best he’s felt in a long time.
Now he wants to share the products and business with his family and friends and help them get in to the best shape and health of there lives.
Great night mate and your future is bright 💎 let’s spread the word.

This kid!!! He has grown so much both physically and emotionally in the last year and a half! He’s not excited that summer vacation is over but I know he will have a phenomenal year!
#6thgrade #proudmimi

Keep yourself around positive people. Positive people means positive mindset. If you hang around negativity for to long you then become negative and will not achieve anything. I am very thankful for the people I have around me. It hasn’t always been like this, I had to lose a lot of friends especially the ones who said I couldn’t. #postivevibesonly #vacation

Oh my goodness!! This was delicious. I am not sure why I waited so long to try the hummus crusted chicken and veggies!!! If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must!!! Arbonne 30 days to healthy living is an easy button for life!! Join me in the next group beginning August 20th!! Message me for more info!
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A mind stretched by
New experiences
Can never
Go back to its
Old dimensions
Travel. Learn. Grow.
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Liquid gold guys! This is what I’ve used my Monat rejuveniqe oil for recently!
1. My hair of course💁🏽‍♀️
2. My calloused hands because I never remember my weight lifting gloves
3. Best makeup primer ever, makes my makeup go on so smooth
4. A scar I was getting from a burn
5. A sunburned back that was aching, literally several shades lighter the next day 🔥 I could go on, but do I need to?! This oil is amaaaaazing and I literally use it for everything!

Yes I’m actually eating pizza while still following Arbonne’s 30 Days to healthy living, just detox friendly! Next group starts August 20th, message me for 40% off your kit + free shipping & a free gift

Only giving 8 at this special price including shipping and tax! #arbonne #veganmakeup #vegan #mascara #beyourownboss #watchusorjoinus #mercedesbenz

Dad and I at the powwow this past weekend! #beyourownboss #watchusorjoinus #powwow #traditions #nativeamerican

Whether you Exercise or Travel or Party, these Vegan certified, plant based sports nutrition drinks are a total lifesaver 💚🌎💪 If I'm exercising; I go further, I ache less and I stay hydrated....
If I travel ; I go further, I ache less and I stay hydrated 😋🤣...
If I party; I dance longer, I ache less and wow what a mixer.....🤓💚🕺
If I'm hungover; I get through the hell of 'the morning after the night before' sooooo much easier with these than EVER before!... AND these are currently on B.O.G.O.F!! But not for long. Benefits of each in the comments below peeps. DM for order deets 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏻👊🏼
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Really?!!! More surprises?!!! I come home to find these goodies waiting for me!!! I always get excited to see those beautiful brown and green boxes on my porch but I had no idea these were coming!!! Love how my company recognizes hard work!!!
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Another night another launch 💥💥💚💚⭐️⭐️thanks @fulltimedaddy1 🙌🏻⭐️ X
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Swipe for results 👉🏼 | Our bodies reflect what we eat - that’s 80% of it, the other 10% is exercise - which I’m still learning to do 😂 and the other 10% is genetics- thanks mom and dad. You have the ability to control that 90% of your mental & physical health. I love the education we provide during the healthy living program so you can create and maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the initial 30 Days. I ate pretty healthy before the program and I was “okay” but I realized I wasn’t eating the proper nutrients which was a GAME CHANGER once I started. 🙌🏼 BOOM: those 15 extra lbs fell off, my skin cleared up and my bloating went bye bye. It’s not just me either, my amazing boyfriend jumped in with me & lost 23 lbs the first round of the healthy living challenge, and 40lbs all together by continuing it!!! Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that says you’re not worth it, you can’t do it or “one day I’ll be fit”. You can do it. You are worth it. And you will be fit tomorrow by starting TODAY. 💚🌿

Persistence is key....even when you’re afraid your persistence and determination will help you over come those fears that you have in your head✨

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