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When it was in the 60s in February😌 and then we got snow🙃

This is to the echos of our laughter, the looks that we share, and the never ending smiles. Especially, the endless adventures before us. 🏞

Taylor might be mid blink in this photo. She tends to do that a lot but it's okay because it makes for funny pictures to keep as black mail on my computer🙃

In light of the incoming snow this weekend back home -- My favorite portrait I've taken to date. Can't wait to take more in all of the amazing places we'll be visiting soon! @icqualls

The guy in the back has the same face I had when I looked at my orgo final this morning


Found a random dog in the woods yesterday with no one insight. She hung out with us for a good while on our walk before we found her owner. Turns out her owner made all the trails in Lambertville and maintains them for dogs and the dog knew exactly where she was going. Pretty cool stuff considering I walk those trails a lot, so thanks lady😁 also this boat is her's so there's the relevance of the picture😅

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Sorry I've been MIA, I've been road trippin down to Florida😁 here's some quick iPhone shots I got today at the JeepBeach block party. I'll post my adventures throughout the next few days when I get around to editing😅 #Jeepbeach2017

So I'm really stoked to be teaming up with @explorelander as one of their ambassadors🤘🏻 I'm gonna be using their products on my adventures and give feedback on how I feel about them and I'll be giving you guys a discount code to use when you want to buy stuff, maybe I'll do some giveaways too🤷🏼‍♂️ Go give them a follow because they're awesome @explorelander 😛

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