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Lil late on this one but you definitely don't wanna miss the @ericbahlman and @joshclemens split section. Bahlman is the energizer bunny who pulled off two sections this year and Clemens is the quiet kid behind the scenes who will surprise the shit out of you if you sleep on him. Cheers dudes #bmx #volumebikes @volumebikes #watchthefinerthings

Falling is never the plan, but it happens from time to time haha here's a couple angles from the opening clip to my @volumebikes The finer things section πŸŽ₯ by @mikemastroni #watchthefinerthings #vlmarchives #tbt #volumebikes #bmx

@mikemastroni, lacing a one-of-kind setup as seen in @volumebikes' The Finer Things. (πŸŽ₯ by @joshclemens) #watchthefinerthings

Curved Feeble // East Los Angeles, CA // February 2014. This was one of those seemingly awkward things that worked surprisingly well. I actually went here at some point in 2013 to film this with @jeffzphoto along to shoot it. It was getting dark and I didn't have a camera light at the time so I abandoned the clip for the day and just got the photo. The first time around I had some random metal peg on the back and I ended up slipping off earlier than I would have liked for the clip anyway. The second time around I had me a fresh set of slightly longer plastics which allowed me to stick all the way around the curve. Clip originally featured in my @volumebikes "The Finer Things section. #watchthefinerthings #bmx #volumebikes πŸŽ₯ @zachkrejmas

@alexplatt does a whole bunch of unreal deadman shit in his @volumebikes The Finer Things part. Give it a watch on your favorite bmx media site. πŸŽ₯- @mikemastroni #bmx #watchthefinerthings

Crook To Smith from "The Finer Things" πŸ“±angle @ericbahlman @volumebikes #watchthefinerthings #volumebikes #bmx #tbt

@rabanimal gap to overgrind. Salt Lake City, 2012. Look for Alex Raban's The Finer Things section to drop this week! @volumebikes @peglegcrew #watchthefinerthings #bmx #digbmx | Photo by @thedevinfeil


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