One of the best sushi ever 😂 We were so full but we order more that's how good the sushi here, happy tummy 😀😀😀 #sushi #watamiph #spicysalmonmaki #salmonsushi

It's the long weekend! Whose turn is it to treat the group to dinner at #WatamiPH?

Can't take this image of our Kani Roll out of your mind? Then go ahead and take your cue. You know where you can find us. 😉 #WatamiPH

Surround yourself today with some good mood and food! Make sure you tag along your best pals at #WatamiPH.

At #WatamiPH, we have enough sushi for each of the week. Are you having a Fatty Salmon Sashimi today?

Volcano Roll.
Torched spicy salmon roll.

Your favorite in one plate—that's how you start an awesome day! 🌞#WatamiPH

Volcano Maki (php295), and Saikoro Steak (php195), with complimentary house tea, of course. Watami is one of my go-to restos when I have no time to think where to eat. Always delivers good food, plus they have a large dining area @watamiph. #watami #watamiph #saikorosteak #maki #sushi #salmonsushi #volcanomaki #housetea #tea

Fall in love all over with our best weekend treats of Aburi Salmon Maki, Shrimp Aburi, and Aburi Tuna Maki! 🍣 #WatamiPH

Who here craves for our Shrimp Tempura? Raise your hands if you do! ✋ #WatamiPH

Have an amazing day so far? We'll make it even more special when you have your favorite Angel Roll! #WatamiPH

Fun time is best time. #family #watamiph

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