It’s that type of night.

Fett Friday. ****edit: all slots booked**** Here’s a Superjedi Signature Series 66 FPH2 Helmet only available from me and @the_real_superjedi. Reserve your slot for one of these today! You may have seen his work on the Jeremy Bulloch costume as well as the Daniel Logan costume also. He can autograph it if you want. #anybodywantapeanut #wastedfetthelmet #wastedfett #napsrule #michaelscottpapercompany #scranton #bobafettish #tatooine #allyourbasearebelongtous

Showing some #fettfriday love to my #scumandvillainychallengecoin by tweaking it slightly.. can you tell what I changed? hope everyone has a great weekend!
#thenerdisstrongwiththisone #scumandvillainy #jcfett #wastedfett #scumandvillainyapparel #republiccreditsarenogoodhere #5of100

Headgear installed in my helmet. Waiting on the chin cup from Darth Voorhees on @the_dented_helmet. It fits nicely no bobble head.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it says A/S/L 💁🏻‍♂️ Go collect this tee, along with @wasted_fett and @budafett’s on Tee Public. Links in each’s profile for your convenience. ・・・
Have you guys ordered your @jaycepticon sleeveless tees? Supposedly, it makes you look bigger. 60% of the time it works every time. #jangofett #bobafett #mandalorian #starwars #itswendesdayright #jaycepticon #wastedfett #myinternetbff

Have you guys ordered your @jaycepticon sleeveless tees? Supposedly, it makes you look bigger. 60% of the time it works every time. #jangofett #bobafett #mandalorian #starwars #itswendesdayright #jaycepticon #wastedfett #myinternetbff

Just finished my first FPH2 ESB SE Boba Fett Helmet.
Thanks to all those on @the_dented_helmet for the tips and help.
I followed Terminal Fettlers One last wafer thin ESB paint job and AOSW reference pics from @the_dented_helmet Thanks to @wasted_fett for a awesome cast. @the_real_superjedi for some painting tips.

Finished the paint and weathering. Got the scorch marks done around the dent and streak. Almost done just need to paint the MQ-1 circuit board, Borden, RF topper and install. Lastly seal the Helmet paint.

Finished a ton of details tonight. The fading under the kill stripes. Got the white finger prints done. Getting close. Those took a few tries.

Finished the ears. Now to more detailing and weathering.

Kill stripes are done. What’s left all the fine details, weathering, ears and range finder.

Worked on some the fine details topically and laid out the kill stripes and masked them off. I will pencil and mask the damage tomorrow. The airbrush the yellow and orange.
FHP2 Cast from @wasted_fett

Helmet update got the mandibles and trim done. Still need to apply a lot of fine details and the kill stripes. Oh and the ears need to be done too. But it looking good.
Helmet cast by @wasted_fett

Black on upper cheeks are done. These went quick. Mandibles and trim are next.
Helmet cast by @wasted_fett

Update on my FPH2 ESB Helmet. Cast from @wasted_fett Got the green done on the dome and lower cheeks. Some fine details to do though but super happy how my Helmet is coming along. Next will be the details and black on the upper cheeks.

When you finally get your @wasted_fett shirt but it came with sleeves and no Tito’s... #bobafett #titosvodka #wastedfett #wffc #bffc #bobafettfanclub #bobafetthelmet

@wasted_fett 💪 tank is here!! Go buy one on @teepublic! All proceeds benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital & Charity! http://bit.ly/wastedfett
#selfett #wastedfett #wastedfetthelmet #wastedfettfanclub #bobafett #starwars #mandalorianhelmet #makedanielloganbobafettagain #cosplay #starwarscosplay

Finished the right panel. Will lightly buff both panels with 0000 steel wool next to tone down the green after all is dry. On to the dome next. 👏

Cast by @wasted_fett

Got some detailing done on the left panel.

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