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We're very excited to launch #Wasta for all of you guys! Scroll through to find all the details you need. 🙏🏻
Also make sure to tag your friends who need this!

#Wasta or wasata (Arabic: وَاسِطة wāsiṭah) is an Arabic word that loosely translates into nepotism or 'clout' or 'who you know'. It refers to using one’s connections and/or influence to get things done, including government transactions such as the quick renewal of a passport, waiving of traffic fines, and getting hired for or promoted in a job.

In other words, it amounts to getting something through favoritism rather than merit, or what is informally spoken of in English as "pull" from connections (the opposite of "push"). The English word cronyism overlaps in meaning but is not precisely the same. Roughly equivalent words in other languages include sociolismo in Cuba; blat in Russia; guanxi in Chinese and Vetternwirtschaft in German, protektzia in Israeli slang, un pituto in Chilean Spanish, In Brazilian-Portuguese it is referred to as "pistolão", "QI" (Quem Indica, or Who Indicates), or in the slang "peixada", "Pidi Padu" in Malayalam, "arka" or "destek" in Turkish.

#TheConnect #AKAthe🔌 #Concierge #ForBosses

Reklam bo sartash xanay @hawler_style_center ##wasta @kaka_barber

The Bull Of Beverly Hills #BullyLifestyle #Lamborghini #WASTA

#JiGaR WaLO ka #DaRR se koi #WaStA nhi HoTa.. HuM WaHA #KhAdE HoTe Hai JaHa koi #RaStA Nhi HotA😃😃

They say that if you take a picture with James McGill you will get acceptance to McGill University in 2 weeks 😩 #wasta #letswait

lagall brakam #wasta hasan❤️

charged up and ready for a big week! 🚀⚡ #wasta #lamborghini #huracan


ئەزانی من ڕانەهاتووم باش بم..؟!
خۆشت دەزانی کە بۆت دەنوسم "باشم" درۆ ئەکەم
هەقیش نیە ئیتر من دەستکاری وەڵامەکەم بکەم
هەق وایە تۆ پرسیارەکەت بگۆڕی..!

lagall brakam #wasta hasan❤️

Aj sa hum b badlenge #Andaaz_e_Zindagi... :)
Rabta sub sa Hoga #Wasta kisi sa ni.....😏

We agree with Santa @jaclynreneguzman!! Thanks for sharing!! ❤️🎅🏻☕️ #thegluekw

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