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I had somebody tell me I should do more styles like braid and twist outs and LESS wash n go's . Less huh? Ok. (If you know me, picture my facial expression after I read that, lol). Anyway. I started my journey doing NOTHING but braid and curls, twist outs and perm rod sets bc my wash n go's sucked and I had heat damage. So, now that I've learned to master my wash n' go's and can get a week of wear, it's 👏🏾 what 👏🏾i 👏🏾 do! PLUS, I love my curls. And it took me a LONG TIME to get there. AND-duh, my twist out looks JUST like a wash n' go and the way my patience is set up to wait for my twists to dry? Yeano. 😂 If you're still reading...Moral of the story: DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Do what makes YOU happy. Stick with what works. It's your hair. Don't try to please anybody but Jesus (aye hallelu). EMBRACE your hair in every style and stage YOU choose to rock. Everybody has an opinion. Wash n' go fooooo liiiiife. K, happy Monday y'all ! 😂😂❤😘☺️ #naturalhair #twistout #washngo

Where my night owls at 👀?! Had to get in this late night editing while Kylie Ann sleeps or else I'll never have a chance to post any new videos lol but just uploaded a video showing you 3 methods you can use to define your curls, link in bio!!! Be sure to subscribe while you're there 😉 #naturalhair #curlygirl #washngo #curls #youtube #subscribe


Braids all down with two braids pinned back, real chic 💚 @pearline__

Tuesday looking tired as shit.

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Good morning 😃

📸 @chellemossel 😍😍 Wil je ook gefeatured worden? Gebruik #dutchcurls of tag ons in je foto.

I have so many curl patterns going on in my hair! My hair feels the same all over - it is silky and has medium to fine strands. Some parts of my hair are much looser and are in stark contrast to other parts that are tightly curled and coiled. It does look a bit unusual but our hair can tell a story of that is steeped in history and reflected in people today from the Caribbean and America as well other parts of the work that have been colonised and so on. To me - my hair is unique - it doesn't sit easily in the curl pattern charts and I'm good with that. It's just important to embrace your texture even if it doesn't look like what you imagined or hoped it would be. It's yours. And it's beautiful. And it's magical! How lucky are we?
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Side fish tail braid, on box braids. 💚 @pearline__

Flat twist with a braid & flat twist with the pony tail out, on box braids. 💚 @pearline__

Flat twist tuck & roll, on box braids.💚 @pearline__

Naturally obsessed with my fish tail up do, On box braids. 💚 @pearline__

My SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE is now Live! ⚠️ If you were wondering this pic is completely unedited and straight off my camera. Proof that the routine works with no harsh chemicals . It's all natural and very easy to do.

The link is in the bio for the video 📹 loves! 💋 *
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Simple wash and go today💁🏾
I washed out the gel from yesterday and added some leave in conditioner and a bit of ecostyler for my edges.
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#naturallyshesdope 💞💞 #Repost @brigiteeeee with @repostapp
Wash and go with the new coconut eco styler. It smells so yummy 😍 #TeamNatural_ #WashAndGo #WashNGo

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