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march spread: pink 💕🌸 // pens @mujicanada + @missrosieshop, highlighters @zebrapen_usa + @nordstrom

Artfriend • Plaza Singapura, Singapore
I really love going into stationery stores during my break lmao #studyrella

ya know i’m a stationery addict, so i was super excited when @shopdenik sent me their new product, the lay flat notebook! 💕 it will launch later this month so stay tuned! Denik works with a range of amateur and professional artists, inspiring many recognizable brands including Juxtapoz Magazine and Urban Sketchers, to help promote the movement that “Art can change the world.”🌷😋

I do not know why but I really like this #BulletJournalWeeklyLog ... Maybe because it's full of errors!
(Notice the small piece of paper under the word "up& #34; I used to cover what I had written under)
I did it spontaneously, and I like it!
And the new #washitape arrived from #KawaiiPenShop ... I love it!

Non so perché ma questo layout mi piace tantissimo… Forse perché è pieno di errori! (da notare il pezzetto di carta sotto la scritta “up" che ho usato per coprire quello che avevo scritto sotto)
L’ho buttato giù come mi veniva e mi piace proprio!
Per non parlare del nuovo washi arrivato da KawaiiPenShop…adoro!

Ora mi rivolgo alle ragazze italiane: questo weekend ci sarà a Bologna la manifestazione più carina dedicata alla creatività per gli amanti dell’hobbistica @ilmondocreativo !
Andrò a spulciare tutte le bellissime cose che ci saranno e tutti gli stupendi eventi che si terranno!
Non vedo l’ora! 😍

If you watched my last video (🇬🇧 subtitles available - link in bio) you already know this page! I started a new Bullet Journal and of course the first page is dedicated to Keys and Color Coding 😊 Do you like it?
Se avete già visto il video pubblicato ieri (link in bio) su come iniziare un nuovo Bullet Journal, riconoscerete sicuramente questa pagina! 😊Ovviamente, essendo la prima, ho deciso di dedicarla alle Keys e al Color coding. Che ne pensate? Voi cosa avete inserito nella prima pagina del vostro Bujo? 🤔
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Thank you so so much for 5k followers 😭❤!! I can't believe it, and I'm super happy you all chose to follow me :). I'm not doing another raffle this time because I've been spending too much money on stamps ; _ ;...so maybe if people are ok with paying for shipping/mailing fee or not having it mailed, I'd consider holding another raffle soon, but for now since I just finished raffle 3 I think that it's too soon for raffle 4. BUT keep an eye out because I'll be doing something special for you guys instead 😉! Here is my oc Koko and her bunny Pipi #milkteaclub_adm3 #miiveioc_koko

it has been so rainy here in idaho for the past week? like what the heck? it's spring break it's supposed to be sunny. i legit should probably start my science project but eh i'm lazy and will probably procrastinate until sunday night 🙄👏🏼
image // @mugonghwastudies (via tumblr)
screen // the arialligraphyproject (via tumblr)


Hello Hobonichi friends! I have not been posting lately cause I travelled to stationery heaven---Japan! I am now back home in the Philippines. I will be catching up with my daily pages & will post some of my stationery haul in the next few days. I am apologizing in advance for the flood of posts. 😂
In the meantime, good morning & I hope you all have a happy weekend ahead of you!
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Pretty striped & marble file folder sets at Home Goods! Swipe left to see front & back of both sets. $4.99

📸 Never underestimate the power of photo prints! Grab your favorite fun washi tape and create a collage you can easily refresh with new prints! Shop now, link in bio!

Guess who went to the art store for a new journal and ended up spending 80$ 😂😂😂 Whoops... Those post cards on the top right corner are a set of Vincent van Gogh artworks from the met. I have absolutely no one to send them to so if you want one shoot me a private message with your address and I'll send it to you! (But only if you're over 18 please!!) .
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How do you guys decorate this page in your #happyplanner ? I feel like every month mine is blah. If you have any examples on your insta I can check out, leave a comment! 👍🏼

day 3.29: mistakes
these are my saviors whenever i make mistakes while journaling.. 🙊
one good thing about my small handwriting is that whenever i make a mistake it isn't that obvious on my spread.. i just use a small stripe of correction tape and write over it again.. and if my mistake is too big.. i cover it up with stickies or i turn that spread into something else like a quotes spread.. making errors on my bujo fuels up my creative side.. 😊
Correction Tape
Sticky Notes
Sticker Flakes

My march #monthlyspread 🌷

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PREP PAGE | 🇯🇵✈️ | ...for Japan trip week.

Listas para comenzar el FACTORY TOUR VOL 6 con Maryoli @cestmaria in Kurashiki Amor total por @mt_masking_tape • Super pronte per iniziare il #factorytourvol6 con @cestmaria Love, love @mt_masking_tape

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