A volcano, a lookout, a hammock and a Gabsquatch that brings delicious coffee and chocolate makes for a fantastic little overnight 🏕🏔#groatallyawesome

When you spend all week hiking, it’s the least you can do to spend a day building and maintaining some of Washington’s trails with @washingtontrails . And trail work is even better when you get views like this at the end. I may not have worked at Paradise but I was too close not to visit. 🌸
I also was inspired to make some videos about Leave No Trace Ethics after hiking on some of Paradise’s trails. You can check them out on my story and learn more about LNT from the link in my bio.

I took this while hiking here over a month ago. Planning to go again in a week and hoping there are will still be wildflowers! #skamaniacounty #boundarytrail #wildflowers #mountsainthelens #summerhikes #exploreoutdoors #nature_shotz #discoverwashington #naturegeek #volcano #pnwviews #summer2018 #washintontrails #nature_inspired #keepexploring

Mon 30 2018 : well pretty intense wokoutwise last week and weekend with mt si restoration work and 9 some miles on sunday , skipped today morning’s regular routine and finished ‘ run u must’ half marathon.. 13.1 miles #halfmarathon #running #prosportsclub #rei #optoutside #washintontrails Besides vedic culture centre event and some other things..

Driving home from yesterday's wedding, @asia.dore and I spent way to much time geeking out about personality types, the dilemma of me being way too down the middle for my own good and the fact that most of the people closest to me are ALL the same personality type. So it got me thinking, does everyone else analyze themselves and their friends as much as we do? Today I'm following Asia's lead and telling you a little about mine!⠀

Turns out, I'm technically a ESFJ-T but just barely. I scored 51/49% on 3/5 of those with the other two not being far off. I'm thoroughly convinced this is why I'm bad at making decisions, overly concerned about all things and enjoy both being creative and analytical. ⠀

Do you know your type? Comment below and tell me we're not the only crazy ones!

The bags are packed- let's get this weekend started already! What big plans do you have??

Nice to see my work in actual print! Thanks @washingtontrails for the feature in this months magazine #pnwphotographer #shishibeach #olympicnationalpark #pnwisthebest #washintontrails #washingtontrailassociation

I promise, I'm not always enjoying the outdoors (although I wish I were). The reality is, I stare at my computer for way too many hours most days, especially on Mondays, and overanalyze pretty much anything I can. Sometimes though, I can talk myself into little challenges where if I work really fast and technology doesn't rebel, I can reward myself with outdoor time. ;)⠀

Speaking of overanalyzing - Polls on stories are becoming my new favorite thing so if you haven't voted on today's, head on over there and help me out!⠀

This past Saturday night was a lesson in patience and fortitude. I spent the day watching the forecast & webcams with a group of friends before finally pulling the plug on going up to Rainier due to weather but we still couldn’t quite quit on it. After flipping a coin (5 times to get the desired answer) we headed up despite the worst odds - 60% rain & 86% cloud cover. I arrived at the Sunrise parking lot to 45 degrees, wind, rain, & not even a glimpse of the mountain but still begrudgingly set out on a trail because of tiny breaks of blue overhead and eternal hope. No sooner had we trudged through the rain and found a spot to set up and wait, the clouds parted for sunset to just kiss the peak and continue to clear more and more in our little window while remaining cloudy all around us. Sometimes patience pays off!

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