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Lake Wenatchee is beautiful any time of year! If it's too cold for swimming, check out the snowshoe trails around the lake for an activity the whole family can enjoy.

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I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. -AE 🏔👣🎒

Who wants to stay in a cabin right in these woods? ❄️🌲🙋🏼

Heading back into the mountains this weekend! Love love love my deuter pack! It made it onto my blog post for my 2017 favorite things so check out what I said about it there! What gear you do you depend on when you are outdoors adventuring?
📸: @curiousadventures_

#tbt to that time I climbed up Mt. Baker! Tomorrow I am headed back to the mountain to enjoy a weekend of winter adventuring (not at the top!) I am finding that the more time I spend staring up at the mountain, the more I want to be back on the top of it. We’ll see...

I caught the cold and now can’t wait to get back out in it! Looking forward to a weekend in the mountains! Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough to get some snowshoeing in though I know we need it!

Happy #womancrushwednesday!! My favorite day of the week for social media! I love celebrating badass women that I find inspiring and empowering. I want to highlight these two ladies today. I moved to the PNW over the summer and became an ambassador for @mtnchicks around the same time. I met these two on a backpacking trip I hosted to Baker Lake and we have been adventuring ever since! I am more thankful than these ladies probably know for their friendship. As I am applying to graduate school, I hope that I at least get into British Columbia so I have the option to stay in the PNW and keep adventuring with these two. Love you both!

Happy Tuesday everyone! The real hump day of the week! T-minus four days until another snow-filled weekend up at Mt. Baker (my love)!!

New blogpost is up! Over the weekend @curiousadventures_ and I went on our first snowshoeing trip and had an absolute blast! What did you do over the weekend?? How do you #catchthecold over winter? #mountaincrushmonday

I’m finally back in WA and so so ready for a girls weekend this weekend!!! 🏃🏼‍♀️🚙🏔🌄🍺🥂🍩
We are also celebrating the end of our #healthlylivingchallenge by drinking and likely eating too many donuts. But also we are hiking, soaking in some hot springs (degree of creepiness permitting), and shopping in Portland!

I have so much to be thankful for it’s honestly a little overwhelming when I start to list it all out. I have so many wonderful people in my life that my greatest wish is to shower them with love - I have parents that love me (and have always loved me) selflessly; I have two siblings that I adore probably more than anyone (today the three of us giggled probably more than I ever have); I have a partner in crime that I love and who loves me more than I ever thought possible; I have an extended family and grandparents that I am as close to as I am with my immediate family; I have incredible friends (new and old!); I have traveled the world and climbed mountains; I had the incredible opportunity of attending college, getting two degrees, and accomplishing everything I set out to; I have four incredible graduate schools to apply to; I have my health - I have my spirit - I honestly have everything I could ever ask for. I have a future to plan for and people I cherish to share it with. Today, and every day, I am truly thankful and grateful. #turkeyday #thankfulness #gratitude

Ladies I come back exactly a week from now!! Let’s celebrate - pick a brewery any brewery! No throwbacks or flashbacks. Just missing these wonderful women on a Tuesday.

Finishing off my Rainier week with this #flashbackfriday

I’ve changed so much since this photo. It is incredible how much can happen in a few years. I graduated from college having done everything I set out to do and more. I became a weekend warrior and an ambassador for the greatest tribe ever, @mtnchicks. I have fallen in love with nature over and over again. And I have grown in all the ways I wanted to grow and I continue to do so every day.

So today I’m feeling thankful for all my experiences, accomplishments, and most of all, the beautiful people I care so much for.
📸: @amandabereckonedwith

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