#MemorialDay (Ancient African Traditions of Showing Respect to the Dead)... way older than THIS... #WashingtonRaceCourse #HamptonPark

"Oh the things that I've Seen, and the Times that I have Known. If it were in my ability, I would have chosen Not to be Shown! I carry the Stains of your Acts, the Burdens of Your Dirty Deed. I keep the Secrets You won't tell, I absorbed the Blood you let Bleed! I Remember...." - @teejinx #IntuitivelySpeaking #TheMemorial #WashingtonRaceCourse #HamptonPark #MemorialDay #JuniperTree #Juniper #Exorcism "Juniper has been used as incense for a very long time, and used in exorcisms, to help psychic powers, to break hexes and curses and to attract good, healthy energies.
When added to love mixtures, or amulets, it is believed to increase male potency. Dried Juniper berries can be strung together like beads for a simple amulet or charm. The berries of this herb, if added to sachets, will protect the wearer from accidents and theft, as well as from attacks from wild animals and snakes. If Juniper is grown by your doorstep, or hung at your front door it is said that the home will be protected against evil forces and persons."

#WashingtonRaceCourse then #WestIndianExpositionOf1902 site and now #TheCitadel (Fuckery at its Historical Roots) and #HamptonPark (site of the #DenmarkVesey aka #Telemaque statue in honor of the quelled #InsurrectionAndRevolt of 1822 (?).."A pencil drawing and a grainy photo in the Library of Congress are all that is left of the cemetery where 257 Union soldiers were buried after the Civil War on what had been a race course in Charleston, South Carolina.
Nor has much been written about the memorial celebration held by more than 10,000 mostly newly freed blacks, which was one of the first, if not the first memorial held for those who fought to end slavery! The “Martyrs of the Racecourse” cemetery is no longer there. The site is now a park honoring Confederate General and the White Supremacist “Redeemer Governor” of South Carolina Wade Hampton. An oval track remains in the park and is used by the local population and cadets from the Citadel to run on. The Union dead who had been so beautifully honored by the Black population were moved to the National Cemetery at Beaufort South Carolina in the 1880s and the event conveniently erased from memory. Had not historian David Blight found the documentation we probably still would not know of this touching act which so honored those that fought the battles that won their freedom!" #Charleston is full of Denial History because it relies on Tourism and not Truth! 🙄😒 (the West Indian Expo was an attempt to kindle business and trade with other countries because of the loss of Slave Income was killing all the stockpiled wealth of this area! It failed too! 😜)

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