"You, my love, my friend,
When I dream, it’s you I dream about,
My love, my friend,
When I sing, I sing to you,
My love, my friend,
I can’t live without you,
My love, my friend,
And I don’ t know why."
FUCK U TOO INSTA ...and i was so proud at that hand :''''(
Anyway, its suposed to be washette but you can see in that picture watcha want 👌
(Repost is allowed if ya want my bois , just credit)
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☂️Name: Maria Lewis
☂️Age: 21-29
☂️Gender: Cis female
☂️Sexuality: lesbian
☂️Appearance: Maria stands 5’4, a curvy girl with a bit more stomach than she’d like to admit. She loves her body, though she doesn’t think it’s “perfect” by any means. Her dark brown, curly hair reached the center of her back, and she usually keeps it down. She has freckles all over her body, but she covers the ones on her face with makeup. They become much darker and more visible during the summer, when she spends time in the sun. She tries to hide her dimples, despite getting complimented by most people who notice them. She thinks they make her look childish.
☂️Personality: Maria’s a stubborn girl, unwilling to back down from a challenge. She’s extremely persuasive, often flirting to get what she wants. As much as she enjoys flirting and teasing, she isn’t so willing to “open up” to people romantically unless she really trusts them. Of course, she’ll rarely say no to just one date, if you don’t give her creepy vibes. She’s a vegan who strictly follows her diet, and would rather skip meals than eat animal products. She doesn’t push this much on others, but if you convince her to cook for you she’ll only make you things that she can eat as well.
☂️Occupation: Barista, absolutely fucking hates it. She’d love to open up an animal shelter, but is having issues saving up enough for it.
☂️Likes: Animals (esp. cats), wine, fashion, romantic movies, long novels, sex, the quiet at times
☂️Dislikes: coffee (the smell makes her sick), creepy dudes (baaad experiences), her job
💜Maria’s job made her despise coffee. Team tea all the way,
💜She pretty much lived off of cereal for a few months before she figured out how to cook decent vegan meals, and now she’s a bit of a genius in the kitchen.
💜If she cooks for you, it means she likes you.
☂️Position in bed: She’s a switch, but prefers to dom.

Kinky lifestyle🍇
College roommates🍇
Office romance🍇
Friends to lovers🍇
Enemies to friends to lovers🍇
Drug dealer/junkie🍇
Drug dealer/prostitute🍇
Porn stars🍇
Sugar daddy🍇
Genderbent (I will not genderbend one character of a gay ship to make it straight unless the plot needs it. If you don’t like homosexuality, leave. I also won’t make a straight couple gay for the same reason. It’s not all about that).🍇
Trans au🍇

I don’t necessarily use the common name for all of these in the the list, so feel free to ask what something means! I put as many as I could think of, I’ll add more as they come into my head.
💕: Fav
👑: As a dominant character only
🌸: As a submissive character only
💫: Meh/Sometimes
🔆: Don’t try it
Abrasions 👑
Anonymous sex💫
Blindfolds 💕
Branding 🔆
Breath play💕
Consensual noncon💕🌸
Dirty talk💕
Double penetration💕
Dubcon 💕
Edging 💕
Electricity 👑💫
Facefucking 👑
Foot fetish🔆
Impact play💕
Interfemoral sex💫
Medical fetish🔆
Orgasm denial💕
Pet play💕
Sounding 🔆
Zelophilia (this one’s a rarer word so it’s basically arousal because of jealousy) 💕

Thomas Jefferson
🔮x Alexander Hamilton
🔮x James Madison
🔮x Marquis de Lafayette
🔮x John Laurens
🔮x Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens
🔮x Marquis de Lafayette x Alexander Hamilton
Marquis de Lafayette
🔮x Alexander Hamilton
🔮x John Laurens
🔮x Hercules Mulligan
🔮x Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens
George Washington
🔮x Alexander Hamilton
🔮x Marquis de Lafayette
Maria Reynolds
🔮x Elizabeth Schuyler

💜 I only roleplay in the third person, and in literate, complete sentences. I’m fine with spelling and grammatical errors until it gets to the point where I don’t understand what you’re saying. At that point I’ll ask you to explain or end the roleplay all together.
💜 I have no problems letting you know that I want to end the roleplay, because it is boring or otherwise. Please don’t hesitate to do so either.
💜 I’m fine having multiple roleplays with the same person, but they have to be in different chats. Because I have multiple accounts setting that up will not be a problem. I don’t want more than two per person, though.
💜 The only line I will not cross in terms of subject matter is self harm and suicide. Please respect that, and I will respect any limitations you have as well.
💜 Smut is completely fine with me, however I’d rather not roleplay smut with you if you’re under the age of 15. I’m not going to make you prove it, but if I find out you’re younger and you still try to roleplay smut with me I’ll end the roleplay immediately. Sorry, it just makes me uncomfortable.
💜 When roleplaying smut, I’m fine being dominant or submissive. I am more comfortable being dominant, though. Personally, I think having characters switch in a smut heavy roleplay keeps things interesting, but that’s just me.
💜 Not a rule, but I swear I don’t sound all formal like this when you actually talk to me.

I won’t color this just yet. Mostly because I color on my laptop and I don’t like it when my parents are around and I’m drawing.
Have this until I color it! :D
This is from a Pirate AU by grumblebee and oohlalafayette
You should check it out on AO3: Devil To Pay

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