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This baby has sass. Just look at that pose. What do you think😝 Drop your comments here👇

It's #washday what products are you using. Don't forget to get your favorite #cantubeauty #SheaMoisture and #taliahwaajidbrand products from us. You can visit us in store or contact us via DM.

Her poor edges 😕😢😢

Another example. My hair used to get so moisturized when my relaxed ends were still there 😞 now (especially on the bottom) none of my old products that my hair loved work. It's really discouraging but it just gives me the opportunity to try new things. I guess I'll try new products and give them reviews and take you along this difficult journey with me lol #teamnatural #curlsaunaturel #myhaircrush #voiceofhair #cachos
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PART 2: So not many people know what goes into wash day for someone with afro hair, so here’s a short ‘How to’ video to let you guys in on the secret. I’m using the @LorealHair Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment Range today, which is perfect for dry/ curly/ afro hair because of how delicate, yet thorough it is, as well as the fact that it’s packed with Amla oil and 6 precious flower oils which means that it promises an amazing moisturizing experience. 🙌🏽
Shampooing: The Low shampoo is a gentle cleansing cream that is low in sulphates, which means that it doesn’t foam, and therefore doesn’t strip my hair of it’s natural oils, meaning I now live a frizz-free life. Once I’ve shampooed it, I leave the shampoo to sit for 3 minutes before rinsing it out, allowing it to work its magic. 💫
Deep Conditioning: The Curl Nourishment masque smells SO amazing and its ultra-rich buttery texture leaves my hair feeling absolutely soft and makes it 10x easier to comb. This is the perfect time to comb out any tangles and knots.
Moisturizing: The Oil-In-Balm provides the final moisture that my hair needs to remain healthy. I love this Oil-In-Balm because it can be used on damp hair, as a primer to protect hair from heat, and for everyday use to just revive hair and add volume whilst providing some much needed shine. 🌸
Stay tuned for more tips that I discover while using this new range as I get my #curlpride on!
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When washday is in progress 😋

At 1600rpm everything looks strange. #washday #machine

This #dreadlock is an over achiever 😂 look how much longer it is than the rest!
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Waschtag - Day 30
Sie durften heute beim Bett beziehen dabei sein.
Ich glaube so lange habe ich noch nie gebraucht 😂😅

Clean 🛁✨"I'm so shiny~ 🐶" #dog #washday #dogbaths #dogface #picoftheday

@naturellegrow Mango & Berries Cleansing cream (co wash)
What caught my eye was the pH balance and hair growth ingredients which is what the brand is all about. As you know I'm not a HUGE co wash person because I've never found a good co wash. I have dandruff issues so keeping my scalp clean is important. I can't co wash with regular or cheapie conditioners I have to co wash with products marketed as cleansing conditioners and co wash with ingredients like peppermint tea tree African black soap ingredients like that. Ok ramble over -
here are my thoughts on this product: -
-Very very runny thin consistency 😕
- very very good slip 👍🏾
-Smells very sweet like ... you guessed it mango&berries 👍🏾
-Doesn't feel like my hair was coated because it wasn't a creamy product. It was definitely different from what I'm used to so I had to apply it twice (personal preference) 😕
-buildup was removed and hair clean which is my ultimate goal👍🏾
-Hair was moisturized and SUUUUUUUPER soft👍🏾
Overall, this co wash did its job. It detangled it removed buildup, and it left my hair moisturized. As I didn't like the consistency I cannot knock it because it did a great job if I want a thickier product to coat my strands I can use a rinse out conditioner afterwards. I will use again and try other co washes / cleansing conditioners before I add this to 'must have ' list as I am on the fence about it! Soooooooooooo stay tuned
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PJN hibiscus & fenugreek leave in conditioner
This leave in was very creamy not heavy at all though. I actually liked this a little better than the max hydration leave in which was a great product that moisturized my hair BUT was def a lighter leave in. The hibiscus & fenugreek leave in really coated my strands. It did smell a bit different (not a bad smell tho I can't describe it honestly ) It not only moisturized my hair , but gave my hair that silky feeling which the max hydration leave in did not. All while detangling my hair. This leave in is pretty awesome. #productjunkienaturals #naturalhair #naturalhairproducts #naturalhairtips #naturalhaircareproducts #naturalhairproductreview #naturalhairproductjunkie #healthyhair #leaveinconditioner #washday

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