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#MorningCoffee they didn’t have to choke him out. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama


Tough session at Gracie Barra Milton Keynes after a week off. I have finally found something that I truly enjoy to keep me moving and that forces me to constantly think outside the box. #graciebarra #graciebarramiltonkeynes #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #martialarts #fitness #health #warriormode #miltonkeynes

Taking a moment to be derpy & express my gratitude for these flowers in my backyard.
They helped carry me through some tough times. Parts of me blossomed in their embrace.
Now it’s winter - they have wilted - and I’m leaving the space we shared.
Yet we are both from this earth, so really when one thing dies, it makes room for something new to live.
Cheers to the circle of life.
Also - still looking for a new, perfect place to live in the Austin area. Let me know if you have any leads!!!

🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 They 'bout to set y'all up! Better start taking better care of and more responsibility for your own health. And the "rabbi" shit 😐 yeah this is what they do and call in religion and "culture".
@Regranned from @yarimakarama - #MorningCoffee #SundayGospel from freedom to fascism! #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama - #regrann

Prête pour la prochaine étape!
Rendez vous demain à 10h30 pour la 1ère manche du géant de Courchevel et à 13h30 pour la seconde.
#courchevelworldcup #racemode #warriormode 😁 @bolle_eyewear @leki.ski.outdoor @courchevel_officiel

#Repost @yarimakarama (@get_repost)
#MorningCoffee they didn’t have to choke him out. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama

When it comes to training and the combat sports your coaches that invest time into developing you into a better athlete/fighter are just as important as your sleep, nutrition and training.
They don't just teach you how to fight/train...they teach you how to fight/train well employing years of their own observations.
To all my coaches who I have had the honour to train under and learn from. I have nothing but gratitude and respect.
Tag a coach you are grateful to have learnt from 🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️ -
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Peace Gm #MorningCoffee they didn’t have to choke him out. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama

I have been feeling through the very subject of responsibility, the self enquiry has been deep and thorough, it has felt heavy and tiresome, I have allowed myself this gift of allowing, I know that this isn’t just “my stuff” persay, I know I am feeling it on a unified collective zone, I have been gentle on myself and acknowledged that this too shall pass, I know that sounds cheesy, although very true. When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, just embracing it will allow the shift. Allow yourself some slack, set your boundaries, kickback and fucking breath, trust in the very blood and bones that support your being! HOME IS YOU ❤️⭐️🌙🌒🔱 #home #homeiswheretheheartis #peace #responsibility #boundaries #accountability #holdspace #be #lifehacks #badassery #warriormode #spiritualwarrior #nofucksgiven #unfuckwithable 🔥💨🌎💧🔱❤️

True Facts from @yarimakarama #MorningCoffee #SundayGospel from freedom to fascism! #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama

#MorningCoffee organ trafficking is big business. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama🔥🔥🔥

The greatest workout program ever is about to destroy my fat! ❤️ 80 unique workouts ❤️ Timed nutrition ❤️ Total body workouts aimed at core and booty ... hello ... aren't those the areas that EVERYONE wants to change? ❤️ Starts January 15th, but if you sign up now, ..... wait for it .... 🎉🎉 YOU GET TO PARTICIPATE IN A TEST GROUP WITH THE CREATOR OF THE PROGRAM!!!!!!! 🎉🎉 I just got my invite today and I cannot even imagine how awesome it's going to be!

Yes ... I am still recovering from knee surgery and won't be able to do ALL of the moves ... but who cares? I'm going to be pushing myself as hard as I can and will be seeing results!

Parcial results are ALWAYS better than NO results!

So -- who wants to start January 2018 like a warrior with me? 🙌 yes, workouts are still in your own home ... 🙌 yes, you can still do them while travelling, ... 🙌 yes, you can do them any time of day .... 🙌 yes, you can stream the videos to your phone, TV, laptop, or whatever!

#momlife #warriormode #sogreat #girlswithtattoos #westchesterpa #80dayobsession #newyearsresolution

No off season. Even with access to indoor gyms I choose to train outside though hot or freezing conditions. 1°c this morning. Our bodies need to be outside to acclimatise to the natural environment. It forces our bodies to adjust to temperatures and conditions and expends energy accordingly. Being outdoors is where we’re supposed to be.

Just getting to bed, wanted to leave this here~I'm posting this Now because I cannot let my entire day revolve around this single Slice of My Life🍰However Recognition is due~ Today is a Holiday, My Holiday- a Holiday of Gratitude 💖 6 years ago today I suffered a Traumatic brain injury, don t ask me What happened- That I will Never know (surely a Blessing to Not know).What did happen is I SURVIVED, 91% do Not so Yes, I Am Blessed♡I am Grateful ♡So Many Positive things came from the Worst imaginable Event Anyone Could Ever Go Through. The Mr. Grew Too, as did our Family💞Little Peanut has been my Constant Companion ever since😙🐕 So while I Lost my smile, half my face became paralyzed, there are plates in my Skull & a weight in my eye, I Learned to Love Myself- that Life is a Beautiful Gift, and True Beauty Indeed comes from Within (I refuse to restrict my time enjoying life to only when I have my "Face On"), I found my Voice, I learned to Allow others to Help me and Trust This, I Sure as HELL learned who Really Cares that I Am Still Here♡ I'm NOT DONE YET👊 Please swipe for a few pix and enjoy this Poem ...Pretty clear Why I've let my hair grow so long now right 😉#survivor #subduralhematoma #epiduralhematoma #braininjury #imnotdoneyet #builttough #cheateddeath #warriormode #nevergiveup #dentedhalo 💫💫We have a Dented Halo 💫💫
Special Angels all are we
Bumped heads on Heavens gates
Not time to go you see
This special Dented Halo
Reminds us every day
To thank our lucky stars
We were not taken away
We could have been an angel
In the heavens up above
But were left with special halo’s
On Earth to spread our Love
Our Halo’s are not golden
For wings we all may lust
But instead a Dented Halo
Was God’s choice of gift to us
So be proud and wear your Halo
Our work here is not through
We have more love and joy to spread
And I’m spreading mine to you

By Sandi Frunzi

#Repost @yarimakarama
#AfternoonLatte net neutrality eliminated, here comes the bs. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama

Well well, guess who finally made it @abi_eck88 . As always, proud of you for always pushing past your limits, being way strong(her) than wild machine beasts in epic warzones, and as always.... for being such an inspiration to myself. Awesome hamstrings and butt training soldier 💪🔥🤗😘 p.s. next time trece kiddo 😉 #bodybuildingaruba #bodytech #fitness #bodybuilding #dren #hamstrings #legday #abineverquits #machine #warriormode #monsta

#Repost @yarimakarama
#MorningCoffee organ trafficking is big business. #WarriorMode #YarimaKarama🔥🔥🔥

Feeling a bit frosty ❄️

Repost : @yarimakarama 😳 MorningCoffee is this how they feel about all non white children? #WarriorMode 🔥🔥🔥#YarimaKarama

#Repost @yarimakarama
MorningCoffee is this how they feel about all non white children? #WarriorMode 🔥🔥🔥#YarimaKarama

MorningCoffee is this how they feel about all non white children? #WarriorMode 🔥🔥🔥#YarimaKarama

#manmachine #ironaddictdiary #timetofight #bodybuilding ???
#saiyanmode 🔥🔥🔥 The Machine is still here and aaalways hungry! 🐃 ich hoffe alle anderen sind im Gegensatz zu mir gut ins Wochenende gestartet, ich sitz nämlich auf der Arbeit und generell war der Tag gestern ein echter abfck. Aber was soll das Mimimi, thats life egal wie scheiße es läuft es geht immer schlimmer!😄
Gestern versprochen, heute kommt sie, meine AKTUELLE FORM!!!! irgendwie ist das am Donnerstag nicht durchgedrungen das es ein Throwback war. Hier hab ihr mich mit 89 kilo, 18%kfa in etwa, Umfänge stehen in den Komments vom Donnerstag👉

Und was meint ihr, hab ich das Zeug auf eine Bodybuilding Bühne?🤔 Wäre das eine Option? Gebt mal Feedback.
Ich will auf jedenfall obenrum noch die 120cm erreichen (fehlen 2cm) aber das wäre eine Ziel für nach dem Powerlifting.😁
#ironaddictdiary 🏋
Und selbst das Training war gestern bääh. Ich vermute das ich die Tage einfach zu wenig gegessen habe da ich auch nicht ordentlich getrackt habe. Wenn ihr wissen wollt warum ich täglich tracke und das schon seid EINEM JAHR DURCHGEHEND lasste es mich wissen.

Squats 145x5/155x5/165x3/165x3/167,5x3/170x2/175x1
Backoff Squats 4x6 (120-100kg)
Overheadpress 4x7 (65/67,5)
+ 7reps 70kg
Schrägbank LH 4x8 (90)

First Time FAIL! Der Squat war okay, hab aber gemerkt die Form geht noch besser, somit hab ich die Backoff Sätze etwas leichter dafür Technikorientierter gestaltet. Danach begann das Drama...🙈 Bei den Overheadpress hab ich mich verzählt mit dem Gewicht und war übelst angepisst 😂 #bitchplease
Direkt 1 Satz mehr gemacht.
Auf der Schrägen zwickte meine Brust etwas als hätte ich Kater. What?! Bisschen das Gewicht runter und dann gucken wie mal wie es Sonntag läuft. Waden/Bauch hab ich aus Zeitgründen geskipt. #whoneedthis
New day, new chance, heute Abend wird gehoben!🙌🔥
#teamsaiyanblood #teamgymjunky #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #fitness #powerlifting #strongboy #weightlifting #bethehardestworkerintheroom #gohardorgohome #eatbigtogetbig #warriormode #focus #nosixpack #iamamotherfuckingbeast

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