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Good morning Kenya.

Thorns and all......

Lazy days in the Mara.

Stormy clouds over the Maasai Mara.

The Flehmen response from a male lion. This behavior facilitates the transfer of pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ located above the roof of the mouth via a duct that exits just behind the front teeth.

Always an opportunist.

It’s not just at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe that elephants are well known for standing up on their back legs. This pic was taken in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Sunset from one of the rooms at La Residance. My all time favorite place in the Cape Winelands.

The ultimate king of concealment.

Well hidden in the long grass, but watching our every move.

We were so focused on watching this silverback that we stumbled upon, that we were almost oblivious to the youngster that almost walked right under our feet. @virunganationalpark @michaelduncanturner @indi_bilkhu @jamesgiff @shaunnink

Attempting to cross a very muddy bog in Virunga National Park. This was on our way out after our second gorilla encounter and getting caught in one of the heaviest downpours I’ve ever experienced. Pic courtesy of @indi_bilkhu

A very large silverback walking just meters past us. @shaunnink @jamesgiff @michaelduncanturner @indi_bilkhu @virunganationalpark

Setting up our cameras on the rim of Nyiragongo volcano for a time-lapse. The red glow from the lava pit is mesmerizing.

Spending time with the rangers of Virunga National Park is a humbling experience. The dedication of these men and woman who are at the forefront of conservation is truly inspiring. They are up against unbelievable odds and put their lives on the line every day to protect this park and it’s wildlife. I have new hero’s in my life! Picture credit, my good friend @indi_bilkhu

At the top of Mnt Nyiragongo experiencing the largest lava pit in the world - mind blowing! The gentleman on my left is Charl our Virunga ranger and leader up and down the volcano.

A very wet and curious juvenile mountain gorilla.

It’s time for a bit of Mountain Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park, DRC.

I love walking the beaches around Hermanus. There are so many signs of wildlife around if you know what you are looking at. Anyone care to guess these tracks?

Spectacular fynbos in Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus.

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