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A new study on the production, use and fate of all the worlds plastic has just been released revealing that only 9% of plastics ever made have been recycled. With the increasing production of single use plastic this figure reveals just why it's so important to RETHINK, REDUCE and REUSE....and then recycle what we can't avoid. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/7/e1700782.full

#PlasticFreeJuly - TIP # 23: Make secondhand your first choice, particularly for furniture!
I have you noticed how much packaging new furniture comes in? Boxes, plastic wrapping, bubble wrap - all this excess packaging for a chair or a table.
When I redecorated my apartment a couple of years ago, I bought all my furniture secondhand from @gumtreeaus, including:
- Freedom dining table (originally $399, bought for $90)
- Space furniture Italian dining chairs (originally $270 each, bought for $30)
- Australian made couch (originally $4000, bought for $500)
All the wall prints are by a Spanish artist from @esty!
Not only did I save money, I also prevented large amounts of packaging from going into landfill. Win-win!

Plastic Free Day 25:  Join the library! 📚 Local libraries have much more to offer than books. In addition to all the latest books, our local library has DVDs, CDs, eBooks, magazines and board games all available to borrow,💿📀 as well as internet and printing services. Borrowing rather than owning reduces the amount of packaging required, saves resources and supports local community services. Libraries aren’t just for books either: tool libraries and toy libraries are popping up everywhere.😊

Get your mitts on one of these little guys - now online! Ditch disposable and try our 'Brew KeepCup' with the first laser-etched cork band 'n' all. Switch to reusable. Link in bio >>>

Give me a handful of shampoo bars over a handful of plastic bottles any day! ➖ Check our our new Seaside Shampoo Bars on the website now. #cleancoastlife #plasticfree #zerowaste #waronwasteau

Happy customers using their #spennostyle reusable cups. We still have 6oz available, more 8oz & 12oz ones coming very soon, I'll let you know when 😊
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Sometimes you've gotta keep it classic with some secondhand staples...head to the blog for the top five you need on your opshop wishlist! Link in bio👆🏻// @sportscraft shirt - $2 @garagesaletrail + @whitesuede jeans - $3.50 @savechildrenaus Chermside + vintage leather bag - $4 @lifelineaustralia Cleveland + scarf - $4 @rspca_qld Newfarm // #staples #classicstyle #nevereverpayretail 📷: @thriftyoverfifty

If you are in the #Sydney #CBD head to Martin Place now for a #ThinkEatSave lunch @OzHarvest raising awareness on food waste. #WarOnWasteAu


Who would have thought compost could be so pretty! 🍎🍆🌿🍓
Did you know that roughly 40% of household waste comes from food scraps? When this goes to landfill it generates harmful greenhouse gases👎
Most of this waste can actually be recycled through composting which turns the organic material into a rich natural fertiliser for your garden♻️. Its a win-win helping the environment and your veggie patch! 😉🥕🥒🍅🌽

I have been thinking about micro plastics lately. When my synthetic wash cloth disintegrated, I happily replaced it with a bath mitt made from natural fibres (thanks to a tip off from @frugal_froufrou). It has been exfoliating my skin beautifully, and no micro plastics are going down the drain. Win for under $5! 😊 #WaronWasteAU #reduceourwaste #microplasticfree

This was a collection of soft plastic recently collected by my father and I over a two week period. Every effort makes an equal or greater difference in the big scheme of things. "You either part of the problem or part of the solution, what's your contribution to life" Jurrasic 5.

#plasticfreejuly #waronwasteau #ecowarriors #billytheadventurevan #ibelieveinthegoodthingscoming #cheersdad

Today's $15 details || @countryroad turtleneck - $6.50 @kirribilli_markets + denim jacket - $1 @ Windsor Rd thrift shop + @sussanfashion skirt - $4 @lifelineaustralia Crowley Vale + @portmans_ belt - $2 @rspcasa Brighton + hoop earrings - $1.50 @goodnastreetlife opshop + @prada clutch - handmedown || #todaysdetails #doubledenim #nevereverpayretail 📷: @annamaria_ng

Another fab recipe from our free in-store recipe booklet 👉🏼Baked Falafel Nourish Bowls! 🌿 Come and grab your copy.
Recipe by @madeleinelumley.

[ N E W • B L O G ]
New blog now live - check out my bio to read about my capsule wardrobe.
This is a piece that I have been working on for some time to take the photos and write it in between being a mum and wife.
I'd love to hear your feedback.
This blog is in no way sponsored - this is something that I feel so genuinely concerned about and I'm so passionate about our environment. #notsponsored
Click the link in bio to check out my blog about my capsule wardrobe.
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Just add water. 💧 | #SantébyENJO is the beautiful, modern skin care brand that cares for the health of skin and the environment. It's a simple solution that cares for skin without the need for harsh chemical ingredients or wasteful packaging - just a little water and a beautifully handcrafted fibre is all you need. Discover the range today via the link in our bio. .
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Just trying to stick to my Cool People brand at @merewethermugs emergency wall at @bluedoorkiosk
Coolest dad ever - yep, that's me 😎🤗

But srsly, the team behind Merewether Mugs are flippin' legends, and you also get 50c off your coffee when you use one of these bad boys. What's not to like?

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Learn more about #plasticfreejuly with books from #boroondaralibraries and join in the #waronwasteau

Watermelon rind salad with fresh parsley and mint. I chopped the watermelon rinds into thin sticks and then let them sit in some lemon and lime juice with salt over night. Then I jazzed them up with extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic reduction. This dish is quite fresh and summery but delicious as a crunchy addition to a roasted veggie buddha bowl with brown rice in winter ❄️. I found the rinds have a similar taste profile and texture to cucumber 🥒😋 I want to try pickling the rinds next time. #nofoodwaste #getchucked #watermelon

Often, there is no need for specific sports clothes or active wear.
🌟 take a second look at your wardrobe and reassess what you have, there is a very good chance that you already own what you need.
🌟 if specific clothing or items really are necessary, give yourself time to look for second hand options first.
🌟 using items you already own or can purchase secondhand, will save you and the environment: save money and resources, avoid landfill, production pollution, packaging and over consumption.

Yesterday we were up in the trees, straddling tight ropes and swinging from our harnesses, wearing our normal day clothes.

Lotta wore her secondhand jumpsuit & Rémy his secondhand t-shirt and shorts, both wore their closed toe sandals from last year, that miraculously still fit! 🌱 I wore a cotton singlet and linen knickerbockers with my everyday shoes. I love these three items and have been living in them for the last 3-4 years 🌱 Jasper wore a cotton singlet and shorts with his open toe sandals.
🌱 Closed toe sandals have been a fantastic investment for the kids, as they are incredibly versatile and have removed the need for a second pair of summer shoes.


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Love a bit of snail mail #smallbusiness #ecofriendlyproducts 🌿

✎Oi, UTSC!
That stands for (Oi), Up The Sunny Coast!
Such a cool story - as of yesterday Sunshine Coast Council is the first in Australia to power all council-operated facilities with 100% renewable energy. It’s amazing news, with the perfect amount of namesake-based irony to embarrass even the most stoic of climate change deniers (looking at you @alanjonesaus and @tonyabbottmhr).
A whopping new solar farm lit up for the first time yesterday in Valdora, roughly a thousand clicks south of Adani’s coal port at Abbot Point. Whilst it has set the council back a cheeky 50 mil, conservative estimations are $22m of savings in just thirty years. That's a pretty tasty fiscal offset in my books, and obviously along a trajectory towards total recovery of cost (and beyond).
This is huge. It’s a massive and uncompromising example for all other councils, undisputedly proving that renewable energy is not only sustainable, but achievable. Particularly as they’ve pulled it off with NO contributions from the state OR federal governments.
I seriously don’t get how fossil fuel still profits when there's shit like this going on. Because how do you possibly argue with it now? The technology IS available and IS affordable. Of course renewables may not be financially or geographically possible for all local governments right now, but without question it is the future of the energy sector.
Nevertheless! Stories like this placate my fear that nothing is happening, and restores my faith that mass change is possible (and maybe even probable?!)
I’m actually looking forward to hearing the varied nonsensical interpretations dribble forth from the flailing lips of the cowards among us still maintaining climate change to be a hoax.
Ha! It’s gonna be good.
#everydaygreen #everydaygreenie

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