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@ericcampros thanks a million :) #warofhearts ⚔️❤️

day 22 : fave song

Shadows creep and want grows stronger deeper than the truth...

Come to me in the night hours, I will wait for you.
And I can't sleep 'cause thoughts devour. Thoughts of you consume.

#Ruelle #WarOfHearts #undergroundlove #roses

Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume

I can't help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can't help but want you
I know that I'd die without you
#warofhearts #melkeinhymyilyttää #samallavituttaa #eioomunpäivä #hetiaamustakaikkipieleen

My Cousin @rsoulstar performing #WAROFHEARTS

I can't help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can't help but want you
I know that I'd die without you 💙 #WarOfHearts

Ginger red and my favorite season.
Two things that pop up in my head when someone mentions her name. It's very satirical because everyone around her only sees a portion of her that's very vivid and fabricated.
It's a portion of her she uses to convince everyone around her that she is fine, she is normal, and that she is okay.
However, through the decoration of the heavy mask she puts on every morning, I saw something extraordinary. I saw something problematic, dark, psychotic but yet relentlessly aesthetic.
You see, people like myself, we aren't drawn to that splash of positivity and perfection everyone seeks, rather we are inevitably attracted to a broken soul yearning for help.
She gave up everything and I mean everyone and everything. She did so in exchange for someone who can't meet her halfway.
Her heart is tore and broken.
She asks me if it was better for the worse and I answered: just because something is in pieces doesn't necessarily mean it's broken. Think of it this way, it didn't break. It changed•form. It's in a much more natural state of the universe and did it change form for the better or the worse? That's for you to decide.
In reality, what I saw in her contained some of the greatest promises I have ever encountered with. Even if she has lost all hope in herself, I know for a fact that she will regain that hope one day. One day, she shall over see all pain she has endured in the past then look at life with a brand new perspective and purpose.
She will rise out of the broken pieces of herself then transform into a fiery, fierce, and ascending Phoenix who will roar as a guiding light for those who are lost.
Like her favorite quote says:" every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy music", what's most important of life may not be the beginning nor the end, it may just be what's in between those two, the journey.

I can't help but love you,even thought I try not to...🎵 #warofhearts Traigo una obsesion con dicha cancion...y con la serie para que hablar.😅 #shadowhunters 💃👍 #lunesrelax en resumen🌞 Por cierto en esta foto me siento demasiado diva💃


Algunas personas quieren que algo ocurra, otras sueñan con que pasará, otras hacen que suceda... 💫
Dicen que lo contrario de vivir no es morir, sino desperdiciar la vida, y la vida se desaprovecha mucho más cada vez que un sueño atraviesa nuestro corazón y lo dejamos escapar.
Un sueño es una pregunta de sí o No, es absurdo divagar... 💫
Es cierto que toda la vida va a faltarme tu sonrisa y tus ojos mirándome..
Que un dia me sentaré en una mecedora a recordar, que cuando quise quedarme no tenía sitio, que estábamos locos de amor pero con querer no bastaba, que debí abrazarte más aquella última vez que te vi... Que no son las palabras las que golpean, es quién... Y que aprendes que en realidad somos de quien nos cuida, de quien se muere por morirse con nosotros, de quien no duda,de quien arriesga por ti, de quien cuando termina el dia sólo quiere acabarlo siempre contigo,de quien llega y no quiere marcharse nunca, de quien no cambiaría por nada del mundo verte despertar cada mañana... 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫▶ #ruelle #warofhearts 🎧
Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
'Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume

#goodnight #buonanotte
#live #love #feel #loveyourself
#foreverlove #fit #fitness #workout

@ericcampros thanks a million :) #warofhearts ⚔️❤️

«I can't help but love you even though I try not. I can't help but love you. I know I'll die without you» #ruelle #warofhearts #malec #maleckiss #malecdirstkiss #malecmoment #shadowhunters

Finally a joy in this sad and empty day 😍 #warofhearts #ruelle #malec #shadowhunters

Malec • War of Hearts
if the acoustic version of this song doesn't play at their wedding i'll fight

Love It!!!!


這首歌旋律並不是特別到哪裡去,歌詞也是清淡的。主唱Maggie Eckford的聲音卻是吸引我的最大原因。

搜尋的時候記得在歌名之後加上acoustic version,鋼琴版本比原版更加悅耳動聽。

她將我一直以來很喜歡的“冷色系音樂”詮釋的很美,臺灣的--許哲珮,冰島的--Of Monsters And Men等等都是這類型音樂的代表。

中間的Humming更是給人一種超然的感受,這個女生的聲線並不是特色個體,卻給了我一種前所未有的"清澈與濃濁界線的平衡點"。 這是一種很神奇的音樂體驗。



#雨歇 #音樂 #ruelle #warofhearts

OMG!❤️😍😍 An acoustic version of #ruelle war of hearts😍❤️ LOVE IT!!😍❤️
who else remembers the #maleckiss by just listening war of hearts? - I DO!!❤️😍❤️
Maybe it's for an other malecmoment...?😍😍
#malec #maleckiss #malectrash #shumdario #matthewdaddario #harryshumjr #shadowhunters #tmi #warofhearts #song #love

#Niya #WarOfHearts she's so damn broken, I don't know what will piece her back together. Hell, will she even live to find out? Find out in the conclusion to Niya♡ click the link in bio!
What the fuck is love?
Is it a glance, a touch, a feeling? Is it happiness, is it hate, is it even real? Is love looking into someone's eyes and lying to stop their tears? Or is it allowing someone to take a piece of your soul and they just walk away with it? Is love the cheating heart? Is it something that's so easily replaced when you can't get what you want? Oh, no, I know. It's going to bed at night sleeping soundly, while the person u said u loved stays up all night crying, and not understanding exactly what happened, or the destination you both now stand in. Is love their questions that go unanswered? Is love replaceable with what's new instead of fighting for the very thing that once was new and made u feel so different, so loved, so free? Is love really pain? See, I think it is. Who on earth has loved but never felt pain? Love is euphoria until it ends. Love is the death of everything u thought u knew, including yourself. Love is cold, bitter, and soul snatching once it has ended. To love is to willingly walk on glass knowing that you will get cut. Love is the thrill of a tightrope knowing that you'll fall. Love makes falling so easy, and makes you forget that letting go is tough. Love is deceiving. A beautiful illusion with colors so bright, that you almost forget that when all mixed up, the color turns to what looks like mud. Love will eventually becomes ugly, unwanted, and truthful. Truthful in all its ugliness that once was hidden while you fell in it. So, what the fuck is love? Love is what most no longer understand. Love is stuffed in a breakable little bottle, and I'm trapped in it. Love is what most will never feel. Nobody but me...and it's fucking lonely in here. ~Fabiola Joseph~

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