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When you feel tight, there are 2 possible scenarios.
🔹️You are actually tight.
🔹️You aren't tight but have a sensation of tightness
Determining which one it is comes from testing your flexibility. If you find you actually are tight, employ drills to fix that. That could be static stretching, dynamic stretching, PNF, or even loaded movement.
If you just feel tight, you would really be wasting your time with stretching. Because often the reason for that sensation is weakness. The work capacity of the muscle is nearing or has reached its threshold. It's like how your calves don't always feel tight before a run but often do afterwards. They didn't get tighter. They just got worked and are letting you know about it.
So how do we solve this issue? We increase the work capacity! By raising that ceiling, the muscle can do more work before it yells at you. That's why in the clinic we make sure to test everyone and get a clear picture of what we're dealing with. In order to get the desired results, you have to use the right tool.
This is an example of how we can increase the work capacity of the hip flexor. It also has the added benefit of creating an isometric hold in the muscle, which can decrease perceived tightness itself. So we get a 2 for 1 special. Try a few sets of 6 to 10 per side with a 3 count hold per rep and improve those hip flexors.
Tag a friend with tight hip flexors and share the wealth!
🎵 - Hold It Down - Rowlan (@rowlan)

I have no words to describe how happy I am, Life brings change but still we stay the same, we can only become (believe it or not) happier and happier every day. Keep on smiling keep on laughing, keep on loving, always (!) keep on DANCING and never EVER stop being YOU. I love you @seymasubasi #warmup #letsdothis #solomun #seymacun #thewedding

Exercises to shape your booty🍑... Watch the FULL workout & Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking Link in Bio👆🏽 so you don't miss out my weekly workouts 🤜🏼🤛🏼you will Also Learn how to perform exercises correctly and optimize your results. Complete #bootyWorkout is available Link in Bio.
🔥Hip Thrust #BodyWeight Combo #WarmUp 🔥
Main Muscles Target: Gluteus & Hamstrings
* Hip Thrust 4 different variations. :
#legworkout #bodyweighttraining #booty🍑 #bodyweightexercises #stronggirls #gluteworkout

Day 9/365: Improve Hip Mobility - Kneeling Glute Mobilization performed by Pro Baller - Yale Hughes @el__yale
Heres an awesome lower body mobility exercise I picked up from my internship at @cresseysportsperformance in Jupiter. I'm a big fan of the kneeling glute mobilization because it stretches your posterior hip and allows you to work on improving hip internal rotation without putting your knee in an harmful position.
📝Programming Advice:
➡️As part of your warm-up: 1 set x 8/side
➡️As a filler (performed after main exercises: Deadlift, Squat, etc.) in your workout 1-3 sets x8/side
🕵🏻Coaching Cues:
1. Set up on all fours: hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
2. Next, scoot one knee forward and cross one ankle behind the opposite knee.
3. Finally you're going sit your butt back and out to the side on the front leg and rock back up to the starting position.
🙏I hope this post was able to help you guys! If you have any questions for me drop them in the comments below! -Alex
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Hey all!!!👋🏼👋🏼 happy Tuesday!!☺️ Wanted to share 3 warm up exercises I do before I train glutes!
I love doing glute activation exercises before I lift heavy. I've been incorporating bands in my workouts and I'm loving it!! 👌🏼🍑🤗 I got my bands off amazon for like $8 it came in a baggy with 4 different types of resistance!
P.S. how cute are my pups though!😍😍😍🐶 always trying to get in the way 😂😂

Gymnastics fun with ball ❤️😊
#backbend #acro
#fun #ball

The Happy Baby Stretch 👶
The Happy Baby is an awesome stretch for the hips and still one I'm trying to perfect 🙌🏻 But you get some funny stares when you do this at the gym!!
1️⃣ Lay on your back.
2️⃣ Pull your knees to your chest.
3️⃣ Bring your feet, so they are above the knees.
4️⃣ Grab the outside of your feet with your hands.
5️⃣ Drop your knees to the ground.
6️⃣ Hold!
🎵Blackstreet ft. Mya, Mase, & Blinky Blink - Take Me There
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I hope you have a beautiful day with your pups and family.So today I decided to have a partner with me on my warm up ...Krypto helped me do my Lunges and he stayed calm the entire time .I was impressed! I hope you guys enjoy our video 😝
#doglovers #bullterrier #bullterrierlover #girlswholift #warmup #lunges #fitness #fitfam

Don't forget your warm up! If you're short on time this is one a great full body one to get your blood flowing. #warmup

ก็อยู่ได้นะ อยู่ได้ด้วยตัวเราเอง ชีวิตมีค่า มาม่ามีให้กิน ^___^

un petit #warmup en bonne compagnie ce matin 3 sur 5 enfants 😅 bon en vrai y'en avait une de plus mais vu qu'elle était décidé a faire du sport en culotte ... j'ai évidement couper 😜 une petite video pour vous dire et redire ECHAUFFEZ VOUS 🙌🏻c'est très important . personnellement je commence toujours par un peu d'auto massage puis des étirements ensuite 5 min de léger cardio puis je fais les exos de ma séance a nu ou en charge léger très léger . je monte aussi doucement mes poids je ne passe pas par exemple de 20kg au soulever de terre a 80 d'un coup je monte en douceur . j'insiste car c'est tellement important déjà pour votre séance afin qu'elle soit optimale mais aussi pour limiter les risques de blessures . bien sur pensez a vous étirez après la séance🙏🏻 sur ceux j'ai RDV avec mon linge et mon fer a repasser ☠️ et vous pour ou contre l'échauffement? #squatbooty #squatguide #homeexercises @homesquat

The perfect way to turn up the heat on this cold, cold day.... #rjsumhlanga #umhlanga #lagoondrive #halaal #sea #sand #surf #rainydays #colddays #warmup #thetasteoflegends

Dynamic Hip and Spine Stretch!
🦉Try this fun full body stretch/exercise! It helps open up the pecs, hips and as you reach up it works on spine rotation!
🦄 Here's How To Perform The Table Top with Reach!
1️⃣ Start on all fours (knees under hips and hands under shoulders)
2️⃣ Lift knees off the ground an inch
3️⃣ Lift and swing one leg up and over to the other side.
4️⃣ Plant the foot and push the hips towards the ceiling.
5️⃣ With the same side arm, reach towards the ceiling.
6️⃣ Return to starting position.
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🦆The Chainsmokers & Halsey - Closer (R3hab Remix)
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