WOW! What a great couple of weeks I've had finishing off my tour of Spain! Found some amazing wine bars around Barcelona before jetting off to Malta where I was quite surprised to discover a thriving wine industry!
Using mainly French and Italian grape varieties they are able to produce some truly elegant and ageworthy wines.

This one must be very popular as I saw it on quite a few wine lists around the tiny country! Lemon peel, nectarine, peach, stewed apricot and overripe red apple with a lovely floral element paired really well with the seafood risotto I had for lunch.

Rarely seen, but chenin blanc and chardonnay blend really well together and is a combination I've seen from a few great South African wineries - definitely worth a try!

Have any of you tried Maltese wines? I want to know if I can find more in Australia when I get home!

Sometimes it's better to BUNK the class and enjoy with friends. When I look back, marks never made me laugh but memories do.
School was the jail, the cells were the classes, teachers were the security guards and WE WERE THE PRISONERS:) 😆😀😀😉😉😊
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Let the Christmas Eve festivities begin with a long chilled drink while sitting watching the birds settle down for sleep 💤 merry Christmas Eve everyone #ginandtonic #longdrink #christmaseve #relaxing #switchoffmode #lovedones #athome #cheers #happyhour #warmclimate

S A T U R D A Y...
Totally love living in a peaceful area and just listening to the birds and my cat meowing for food.. 🙄We are moving next year and are considering living overseas. Totally scared but also insanely excited...

The cheie they are mysterious creatures not many are seen so very little is know about them one thing is certain though they usually live in warm climates #creatures #mysterious#many #verylittle #rarelyseen #certain #warmclimate

Peaceful spot to reflect on my snacks planned for the day 📸: @jasmineirven

I love Journey. This song reminds me of all my favorite things about summer. But, I’m about to explain a different side of why I love it, why I want to move out of MN, and how weather can change your cortisol production/cause stress.

This time of year has me thinking about moving, A LOT. Five years ago I decided I wanted out of MN. I hate our winters. I hate the cold. I hate excessive snow. Because of this, I’m pretty sure I have S.A.D. My mood isn’t as great despite positive thoughts and a generally good life. I truly believe I’m meant to live in a warmer climate. I LOVE beautiful scenery in warm, dry climates like red rock, lakes, and forests! You get the picture.

I was about to call my realtor back then and tell him I wanted to put my house on the market (when I hadn’t even been in my house for a year-yep, that’s how badly I wanted to move).

Then I met Nolan. He had started talking to me (we met on e-harmony) literally right before I was about to call my realtor. I actually almost didn’t date him because I wanted to move SO badly, and figured it didn’t make sense to attempt to start dating a guy here when moving out of state. But then I thought, “what’s the worst that’ll happen? He’s not that great and I still get to move? Why not meet him?”

He proved to me that home is sometimes a person, not a place. But...sometimes it’s a place WITH that person. This time of year reminds me of exactly when I decided I wanted to be done with the winters we have here. I acknowledge how much I love summer weather, and how I want to be surrounded by this. My mood is so much better. I swear, my thoughts are more clear, and I worry less. Weather truly can stress you out. •

So, sometimes you need to unstick yourself from what might be subconsciously stressing you. It took me a few years to really understand that it’s not just better weather that I want, but that I want better weather because I’m happier and less stressed in it❤️

For some of us who aren't blessed with being in all year warm climates, we've had to endure the cold winter months without being able to ride.... so here's to summer and official longboarding season!
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This kind of winter I can cherish and ask for every year! #winter #australia #melbourne #southernhemisphere #beautifulweather #warmclimate #thursdaychill

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