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#tbt to that one time I met my IDOL !!! #bountykilla #warlord #hellshire

That Fulani dude again 😁
#WarLord 🌹

If you didn't know this guy was fucking insane I suggest watching the documentary about him. #johnmcafee #computervirus #antivirus #warlord

#tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday Can you pick me out of these pics? It's tough right, however this is what #warlord shit looks like.
Service to this great nation takes many forms. The war on terror everyone thinks Spec Ops as camo, standing at the ready with the finest gear and weapons. But the best camo is to look, act and smell like the bad guys! Rules well the bad guys have none so I guess that would only hinder our mission as well. Oh... American foreign policy by Shrek always my favorite way to solve problems.
We get shot at, alomst every time we get to American check points because even the best Special Operations forces could not tell we were the good guys. I would have to get out of the truck and be like "luckily Dude your a terrible shot". Hand him the old Big Sarge Army ID card. Lol. Hell after 9/11 I got searched everyday at the FT Bragg gates because I didn't look like a soldier (as written about in the book Kill Bin Laden). I can't expect any different in a war zone. Lol

So what is a warlord you ask? It's when you are given a sector of a country and told "go make it happen"! You live with who ever might run that place or just make your own way, what ever works. Then through your actions and deeds become the boos, right hand and start calling the shots. Every decision you make has someone's life on the line. So when you choose who lives dies then your a warlord. I'm of the mind set of let them all die. So let's start ridin dirty to go kill some savages. They ain't gonna kill them selves. So while you hear stories of how great other spec ops guys are. Remember these pics and know the real good guys look, act, smell, live and breathe just like the bad guys aka dirty Savages.
For the all bad savages out there, it's a trick there actually 3 of us in they pics. Suck it! Lmao Shrekout

Something new 😏#Warlord


Let’s begin with a modern example of Western absurdity: Kony 2012 *audible sigh* I literally do not even know where to start with this mess. The sheer number of ridiculous Facebook profile pictures during this obsession made me want to scream into a pillow. Conversations became “Kony is bad man. Africa likes child soldiers. America must save Africa.” .
Kony did hurt children. He hurt communities. Many men did. Many men in many countries do. It’s also true that child soldiers exist. It is a problem worth examining for anyone especially because the people affected have found amazing ways to heal (A Long Way Gone is the best known example of this healing). .
And yet he was no longer in Uganda and was rumored to be dead. In fact, Ugandans were throwing rocks at the screen during the showing because the Invisible Children ignored President Musevini’s own instances of violence, kidnappings, brainwashing, and election tampering. They ignored the crimes of a dictator as the West hailed him as a “new” “better” kind of “African leader.” 🙄
Clear cut corruption abounded but somehow this black African warlord became THE symbol of evil. Somehow he reached the level of Hitler and the holocaust in our rhetoric. The same inspired Facebook “social activists” somehow forgave and forgot the internment camps, concentration camps, colonialism, nuclear bombs, and genocide created by the Western World finding that one man’s crimes fit their image of evil and then obsessing over him with what I can only describe as a rabid fervor.
I propose: It’s because of the image. I mean that video?! The image of a dark black Ugandan “guerrilla” ordering the kidnapping, rape, torture, and forced addiction of black children. Strapped with the stereotypical AK-47, his henchmen hunched over in the bushes with machetes. These are the scenes that drew people. He was more menacing than any human trafficker with a white face.
In fact, we barely talk about sex trafficking and child slavery even though the numbers of child soldiers don’t even rival this “industry.”
Because his story was perfect for Americans. A modern day Mau Mau boogieman #kony2012 #westernbias #blackness #childsoldier

Plates are now attached to the cloth. I now just have to attach to the back of the helm, and all that remains os the ponytail extension!
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Number 1 in the world for bot assist!!!!! Overall I'm top 10% in the world on Xbox💪💯

Better fail with honor, than succeed by fraud🔱

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Cloth backing has been cut to shape, rough-sewn, soaked in tea water and dirtied up with paint. Now it's time to score and heat-treat the craft foam disks, paint them up and glue to the cloth, which can then be attached to the back of the helmet!
#forhonor #forhonorcosplay #forhonorwarlord #warlord #warlordcosplay #vikingcosplay #cosplay #costume #mcmlondon #mcmlondoncomiccon #foamarmor

1대1로 싸우고 있는데 갑자기 두명이 더와서 저어게 다구리를 치는거에요.
그래서 분노한 제가 대 때려 잡았어요 ㅎㅎ
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The Dark Knight/Dark Nemesis (15 rating), 4digitalmedia (surprise surprise XD), 2008

Plot - A group of knights set out on a quest to find a mystical warlord and must battle against monsters and fiendish foes along the way. No points for unoriginality.

Characters - Uhhh... this is a littke bit awkward. I can tell you literally nothing about these characters. I'm not joking; these characters, including the "all powerful" warlord, are so dull and uninteresting that the film might as well have been a scenic forest tour. No points.

Acting - The acting, for how low budget the film is, is alright. Quite clunky in places but passable. Half a point.

Visuals - I hope you like forests; because this film Is bursting at the seams with forests! The entire film seems to be set in this 4 mile patch of forrest, probably in a park, with no variation anywhere. As for the "monsters", they look like they belong on the PS2 (and that's being harsh on the PS2). The only point I can give is that the costumes are alright. No points overall.
Ending - To be honest, the ending isn't worth the trouble of sitting through this borefest. I actually fast forwarded to the end, accidentally skipped it and cursed myself for rewinding back to rewatch it. No points.

Final Rating - 0.5/5. This film tried to ride off "Game of Thrones" but ended up clinging to the back bumper hoping it didn't crash into a tree. I spent more time fast forwarding boring dialog than I did watching the bits that seemed interesting. Don't wake this sleeping beast. Also, I should point out that I now have 4 films that try to rip off "GoT". Should I be impressed or scared? XD

#movie #moviereviews #thedarkknight #darknemisis #4digitalmedia #knight #monster #warlord #forest #park #tree #ps2 #costume #borefest #zerooutoffive #gameofthrones #impressed #scared

In recognition of the start of Spring Lacrosse season here in #newjersey let's give it up for the #warLord himself the Big Man #AlBronander of #GlenRidge Town... we want to see likes, we want to see comments..if we get enough, we will be giveing away a new @adidaslacrosse #Black Ti Attack handle courtesy of C-Brewdogs at @adidas HQ in #oregon ...note the embroidered name on sleeve-

Patch 7.2 Release next week ! .. 28 Of March 😨

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