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the definition of attractiveness.
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Throwback to when the casts of the #Ironfist was in town and me being a part of the glam squad for @tommypelphrey who plays my favourite character #wardmeachum in the show. What can I say, I like the bad boys! 😈❤️

Agree or Disagree?????????
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To everyone who says Iron Fist sucks #netflix #dannyrand #ironfist #wardmeachum

Hey, my Instagram followers, I'm currently catching up on the TV show, "Iron Fist" (which is actually pretty good), right now. I'm already halfway through the 1st season, but something devastating recently happened in the last episode that I just watched, and it involved this pathetic weasel-bag of a human being that's pictured above (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!). This twerp, whose name is Ward Meachum, by the way, ever since he was first introduced in the very first episode of season 1, has never grown, has never matured, has continued to act like a very young child, has never learned from any of his mistakes, has never learned from other people, has always gone by his own ridiculous beliefs, and is just a horrible, obnoxious bully to everyone else! It makes me wonder why people like him actually exist in our world today, because they're incredibly hard to communicate, understand, and get along with, and they could even possibly abuse other people too, like in a MENTAL way based on some of the stupid horses**t that they rudely say to other people! This picture of Ward flipping the bird in the air represents how much he HATES being controlled by someone else who is actually trying to HELP him out and make things BETTER for him (which is actually true)! That's all I've wanted to say here. I'm gonna continue watching "Iron Fist" now. PEACE. #ironfist #wardmeachum #sucks


As a child, Ward was brought up into the business world, groomed to take over Rand Enterprise.

Strictly groomed.

Ward Meachum did a splendid job on the upkeep of his reputation.
Arrogant. Confident.
Often time coming off as quite spiteful.

However, behind his smug demeanor, Ward was in truth weak-willed and constantly suffering from an inferior complex.

In secrecy, Ward's inferiority and weak-will lead him down dark paths.
Drugs and occasionally alcohol were his crutch.

Tonight, however, a mixture of substances were choice.
The usual painkillers were downed with a shot of whiskey.

For the time being, Ward enjoyed the silence of his own company; a glass in hand, bottle upon his desk.

Moments dragged along before Ward decided that the silence needed to come to an end.
Contemplating a moment, fingers deftly tracing along a slim collection of CDs before finally making up his mind.

A melody filled the empty air; something a bit upbeat.

Mildly satisfied with his choice, he turned and occupied the seat behind his desk; glass in hand.

The entire building, minus select janitors, was vacant... Calm, to say the least and for lack of a better term Ward was quite content. ❡ ᵂᵃʳᵈ ᴹᵉᵃᶜʰᵘᵐ
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So I'm going on a holiday to Croatia tomorrow, which means I probably won't be able to post for a week, but I'm sure ~Arrow~ has a lot of great pictures prepared for you all! Until I return I shall leave these 2 adorable smol beans here 💖
- Speedy

We'll be interviewing @tommypelphrey today at 7pm UK. Be sure to tune in over at the Channel 1138 Mixlr at that time for the interview and leave your questions for Tom in the comments. #everythinggeekpodcast #everythinggeek #geek #podcast #geekpodcast #interview #actor #tv #film #movies #marvel #ironfist #wardmeachum #banshee #kurtbunker #guidinglight #astheworldturns #lawandorder #csimiami #chicagopd #homefront

's post || danny x ward
[ greetings from California ]
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Look at my boyfriends that have been through so much
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