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"Gentlemen, meet miss Jaina Proudmoore, special agent to the Kirin Tor, and of the most talented sorceresses in the land". (c) Arthas
Back to my very first Warcraft cosplay made in December 2013.
I created more than 10 costumes from WoW during last 3-4 years but this one was my very first - Jaina from Warcraft III. Many details I added to costume by myself because original design was poorly detailed in the game. Costume made by me
Photo by @arwenphoto
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Gak tau kapan terakhir main game ini 😂
Sekarang akhire main lagi😂
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Travel day on the bus. We call it a Prison Bus. #nodaysoff #PrisonBus #TourBus #TourLife #warcraft3 #manylivesmanymasters

Dia preguiçoso de curtir uma nostalgia. 😎 #warcraft #warcraft3 #game #feriado


Ghom was a powerful demon in service of Azmodan. Like all demons, he fought the forces of Heaven in the Great Conflict. Ghom once devoured six angels in a single swallow - spears included.

On Sanctuary, Ghom was faced with a new enemy—humanity, specifically those serving at Bastion's Keep. He was among Azmodan's forces that laid siege to the fortress. When Azmodan's infernal siege engines breached the Keep's walls, Ghom was sent forth to spearhead the assault from within the Keep. However, a small band of heroes, under the command of Tyrael, defeated his minions on the way to the larder, and successfully dispatched the Lord of Gluttony, preventing Azmodan from achieving victory from below the keep. Before he died however, Ghom had spoiled all of the fortress's stored food. Sister Frances of the Alliance of the Dying Sun wondered how the garrison would make it through the next season.

Another interesting World of Warcraft fact from the beta was
Mages had a abillity called Khadgar's unlocking. which was like rogues pick lock spell.

Not only were they the ultimate vending machine back in the day but could also open lock boxes.
Kinda like a Swiss army knife 😅

I ona bi da igra Custom Campaigns 🐾 #poodle #miniaturepoodle #warcraft3 #dog #warcraft #custom #campaign

Warcraft lll - компьютерная игра в жанре стратегии в реальном времени с элементами #rpg #rts Одна из самых ожидаемых игр, более 4.5 миллионов предзаказов! 🙄 игра получила титул - лучшая игра года и лучшая стратегия года. Издатель игры компания #blizzard
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Dota 2- командная игра в жанре multiplayer online battle arena, #valve corporation. Является продолжением- модификацией #warcraft3. #dota2 является киберспортивной дисциплиной, по которой прогеймеры соревнуются в различных лигах и турнирах. Призовые фонды достигают миллионы долларов $$$$$ 🤑 #procybergames #pcg #pcg_dota2 #dota #компьютерныеигры #дотеры #дота2 #герои

So it looks like tier sets will not be sticking around for the next World of Warcraft Expansion.

http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2017/11/14/world-of-warcraft-removing-traditional-raid-sets-in-battle-for-azeroth.aspx "With sets and cosmetic appearances we're always trying new things. We're currently not planning on carrying forward traditional raid class sets," says Hazzikostas. So we're going to have artwise, the gear will be more heavily themed from the place it comes. There's more customization we want to express through the new Azerite system. I think class sets have changed a lot over a years of World of Warcraft. Back in the day, these 8 piece sets you would put together over the course of 6 to 8 months raiding a zone, where now the smaller sets and so many more sources of gear, it's very common to get 2 or 4 pieces at the start of a tier and it actually kind of locks down those character slots, it limits your choices. It feels like more of a drawback than a strength at this point." What are your guys thoughts on this new change coming in Battle for Azeroth?

Daily Tip #15

Learning Build Orders

For every one who is trying to teach themself a new build order sometimes it can seem overwhelming and frustrating.
The way that I teach myself a new build order is by breaking it down into sections instead of charging in head first and attempting to master it all at once.

What I mean by this is for example the build order is looking something like this:

13 overlords
17 gas
17 pool
17 hatch
19 overlord
19 queen
21 zerglings
Etc. Etc. Etc.

I will break it down into 4 pieces of the build order at a time. What I mean by this is taking the above build as a example I will practice getting my overlord gas pool hatch and then restart the game and repeat those steps until I can do do them without thinking. Then I move on to overlord queen zerglings and so on until i can complete the first 8 steps without making a mistake. Doing this will help build the muscle memory of the build down and will help you get the build down slowly but surely without making any mistakes.

Did you find this tip helpful? If so leave a comment below and let me know 👍

Jaina Proudmoore is the founder and former Lady of Theramore Isle(as well as its only leader during its brief existence), the Alliance's major port in southern Kalimdor. After the destruction of Theramore, she took leadership of the Kirin Tor. She is the daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, sister of Tandred Proudmoore and Derek Proudmoore, and the alleged half-sister of Finnall Goldensword. She is also the most powerful human sorceress on Azeroth.

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