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Hum agr Is waqt Burma K Musalmanoo k liya kxh ni krsakty to beth beth kr Baatain krny sa acha haky Kamas kam us insan k liya hum kxh krain jo Is waqt apni jaan p kehl kr Burma k Musalmanoo k bary main soch kr Burma gyia unki Madad k liya.
Usy kya zaroorat thi magr vo phr b gyia q k us main ab main Insaniyat hai or vo janta haky aik jan ki keemat kya hoti ha.
So Friend it's my humble request that we need to take action on it immediately because he is missing from past few days.!
And our fucking media is still quiet?
Why any Scholar and Media didn't talk about it atleast once because this time it's a very serious matter.
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It's so shocking and sad to see what is happening around the world, especially in Syria, that is not shown on media as much as it should be. We should be grateful for every single thing we have as we take it all for granted. Syrian people have lost their families, homes; people are suffocating to death! Imagine this was happening to any of us so please help by donating to a Pakistani called Waqar Zaka who is in Syria at the moment, helping out the ones in need.
You can follow him on Instagram (waqarzaka), Snapchat (waqarzaka), Facebook (Waqar Zaka) and Youtube (Waqar Zaka Foundation) to get the latest updates.
Please donate by going on www.waqarzaka.net
Use the hashtag #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria and get this trending, we need as many people as possible to get this message.
@waqarzaka #WaqarZaka #WaqarZakaFoundation #DonateToSyria #HelpSyria #HelpSyrianChildren #Syria

@ZakaWaqar is not man from Army or is not a mart of any NGO but he is helping #Syria by own...
#WaqarZakaHelpingSyria #syria

@ZakaWaqar is not man from Army or is not a mart of any NGO but he is helping #Syria by own...
#WaqarZakaHelpingSyria #syria

I Loved the way Siahaid mum is teaching her how to say "Thankyou Pakistan" , as soon as I get time to edit, will upload the complete story at www.waqarzaka.net #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria

Just swipe this picture right to see how happy Siahiada is now, this beautiful Syrian kid want to become a pilot , so young but passionate , as soon as I get time will complies and upload but at this stage as I am all alone so you can imagine how difficult it is to record, edit videos but good news is these Syrian kids are fully of life and ready to face any difficult. #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria

Meet Siahad, lost her father in Syrian conflict, but your donation is making her happy, and she's thankful to all of you, video uploading soon at www.youtube.com/waqarzaka86 #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria

Come on guys lets help the people of Syria. Now until Waqar Zaka is in Syria, 85% of the profit earned from the Accounts will go to Waqar Zaka.
You can also donate to him directly on waqarzaka.net

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Meet Fouzia , who lost her husband in Syria war, stuck at Border, now happy in her new house with 5 kids just because of your support , complete video loading soon at www.youtube.com/waqarzaka86 #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria

BORDER attempt for Syria #WaqarZakaHelpingSyria

Let's help @waqarzaka for a good cause. Waqar Zaka is going to Syria to help the Muslims. Donat as much as you can ,if you can't then at least download the game . Swipe the picture to know more .
#waqarzaka #waqarzakaoffical #waqarzakahelpingsyria #syria #download #l4l #pakistanhelpingsyria #thebloggingshlogging

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