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Fried summer squash... dipped in egg and then #carbquik then pan fried. They were AMAZING! #keto #multiplesclerosis #wanttofeelbetter #ketogenicdiet

I love this boy so much!! He is my absolute world but no matter what he or anyone else does I can’t feel the happiness I know i should feel! I feel like the worlds worst mum knowing that not even my child’s smile makes me feel happy anymore, I know I should and I want to more than anything but it feels like the harder I try to feel happy the further it disappears, the meds don’t work and I push everyone away, I just want it to end but know I have to keep fighting this battle I’m losing to more each day for my babies, my mental illness doesn’t just effect me but it effects my whole family, and to my family I am sorry!! #wanttofeelbetter #cantbehappy #wanttobehappy #medsdontwork #notmyself #lost #whoami #mentalhealth #mentalillness #sucksass #hadenough #lovemyfamily #imsorry #cantstopthetears #hatemyselfsomuch #wantittoend #notstrongenough #carryingon #mumswithmentalillness #mumlife #silentillness #depression


Change one thing you already do and you can start living your dreams.

Sorry been quiet for a while... have been in a miserable place, feeling sorry and totally negative about myself. My days off have consisted of doing absolutely nothing just sitting on my arse watching tv , eating and eating what ever I can get my hands on and drinking alcohol during the day.. I can’t carry on like this, I don’t want to carry on like this.. back to work tomorrow and dreading it. I haven’t left the house in my 4 days off have literally been a fat couch potato. #feelingsorryformyself #miserable #lowselfesteem #noselfworth #struggle #exantefamily #exante #exantediet #wanttofeelbetter #happy #searchingforhappiness #workinprogress #sounhappy #miserablecow #kickmeupthearse #kickupthearse #positivevibesplease

Life changing, feeling better about yourself, feeling healthy... these are some of the things that can happen when you add good supplements, a healthy diet and exercise...🤩🤯😱 I am in awe! Ashley Kay has been taking plexus for ONE MONTH and her bloating + inflammation disappeared completely. She isn’t tired anymore, she isn’t a victim to mood swings/hormones, her appetite is controlled, she has tons of natural energy, and she has A HEALTHY GUT!!!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼 One month can change your health. One month can change your life!!!!! Message me when you’re ready to take control!! 💓 #healthygut #transformationtuesday #makingachange #makingadifference #healthylifestyle #lookiingood #wanttofeelbetter

Have you had 30+fruits and veggies for the day PLUS your 50+ superfoods? No??? Well give me a shout! You can put this tiny little packet in a bottle of water, shake it up and go! Did you know it’s only about $1 a day? (You can’t go buy all of this for $1 each day!) Your body and health are worth it!
Here’s what you get in just 1 small packet: ✧34 Organic Fruits & Veggies🍊🥦🍎🥒🍓 ✧52 Herbs and nutrient rich foods superfoods 🌿🍃
✧They boost your immunity 💪🏽
✧Packed full of fiber 💩
✧Now have Matcha Green tea 🍵
✧Detoxify/Alkalize/Balance PH
I have 3️⃣ discounted spots open for my 90 Day Greens detox challenge!! Message me for a 40% discount!! ($33-$35 per month) ! Are you worth $33 a month🤷🏼‍♀️?! Message me📲💕
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Figure I will post one last time. If nothing I will just take it down. Recently more health issues have come up. I am down and depressed. Just wanted a getaway. #wanttofeelbetter #medicalissues #deprssed

Let’s Face it Friday

When you look at this photo you only see the physical changes. But it is so much more the mental changes. 🔅the girl in the left has learned that good nutrition not only fuels your body but your mind as well. 🔅if you want to make a change—You start by changing your mind First! 🔅you do not have to settle with where you are at. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 20 lbs or 100 lbs Starting is the same 🔅Even if you want to change but are in doubt whether you can do it—start!

I am not to my goal but I now know I will get there. Why do I know that? Because I have a tribe of Women and Men who are my support team. I am with a company who wants to eliminate obesity in this country. Who continually make programs that, if you do them they work.
They are programs that fit the busy life!
Whether you want nutrition only or want nutrition and exercise. 🔅Don’t let the mind allow your excuse to be no time—in as little as 10 minutes a day you can change your life. You just have to start 🔅sounds expensive—-It is NOT! If you were like me drinking soda/pop or your specialty coffees—you will see little difference if any. 💕We make choices daily on how we are going to fuel our bodies—make the decision that is going in a positive direction—Become more confident, happy and most importantly Stronger-your muscles support your body and the more mobile and flexible you stay the better quality of life you will have in your future💪

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When I finally take a week off of work - my body shuts down and gives me a wicked sinus cold and bronchitis. So now I sit in a trampoline park watching Eva jump surrounded by a box of tissue, trying not to cough up my lungs, as I read “overwhelmed” by Perry Noble. Seems fitting. #wanttofeelbetter #summercoldsaretheworst #imissmybed #happytonotbeatwork

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