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While some mothers choose to be home and cook or go to work at the office, my woman chooses to roll around in armored vehicles and handle big guns like a Boss. Much RESPECT babe, I salute you. Go get 'em killa. Stay focus #hooyahnavy #wantsomecomegetsome #yougotthewatch

These dudes would still stomp a mud hole in some Natze ass! #backtobackworldwarchamps #merica #wantsomecomegetsome

Who knows what today is? Well I'll tell you... it's National Burrito Day! #fedhill #blueagave #nationalburritoday #nowyouknow #wantsomecomegetsome


Im nailing down my recipes and writing them down. Getting my ingredients down pat, now I just need to work on my time management and stop finishing at 2 in the morning. But enough of that. We got breakfast tostadas made from low carb tortillas, eggs, bacon, and cheese. Next it's Angus ground sirloin (90%/10%) taquitos with cheese, also with low carb tortillas; and finally chicken pesto pasta with tofu shiritaki noodles with oven roasted broccoli. Get some! #mealprep #mealprepsunday #petitmeals #homecooked #homecookedmeals #wantsomecomegetsome

It's time to whip these whipper snappers into shape!! Nothing like starting your morning off with some #prt.
#drillweekend #physicallyandmentallyfit #wantsomecomegetsome

{ Thursday, September 14th, 2017 }
◇ Mayday situation overload. . .
I'm restless obsessed with your future, and all my worries they dont bother you, collective, you render me useless . . . But I carry on! ☆

Title ---> When we're together, why can't Thursday last forever? // I wanted to take a minute, to just send out a friendly reminder, of, not who I am, but what I am.
First I'll address the elephant in the room, just because I'm not on this app every day, dosen't mean I'm going to be gone soon, or am already gone, I simply have a life outside of Social Media. Now, Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Never Give Up, all 6 of those words not only stand for a way to live, but for a message. Each and every week, I am more and more proud to wear my colors, because in that squared circle, that is an extension of who I truly am, behind the ropes. Whether it be Blue and Orange, Red White and Blue, Black and White, Green and Orange, if you ever want to a reminder of who is John Cena, just read my shirts, my wristbands, my hat. I wear what I believe in, I wear what I am proud of, in other words, I am proud of what I've become, and what I am still set to be. For those of you who still to this day, stand by my side and accept, and respect me for what I am, I am grateful.
And for those of you who don't, but still are reading this, that's okay too, it's okay to be weird.
What I've become is a man who has spent the last 15+ years, wrestling around the world. Boos, Cheers, "John Cena sucks!" In front of the most hostile environments, I've faced some of the biggest names this business has had to offer, and every one of those matches, and to this day, I fight, like a champion. Because a true champion is marked by what they believe in, how hard they work day in and day out, how much time they spend and commit to better their future ir career, not by a fancy trophy, or 24K gold belt.
Well, once more allow me to retort.
My name is John Cena, 16 time world champion, Cenation Leader, former Chain Gang General, Leader of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, and whether I'm on this app every day or not, I'm not done, I'm not leaving. I d*mn sure got 10+ years before I say. . .

KLTGR + BOCA ( 2 ) vs ( 0 )MPK

Turkey burger success!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I'm blown away how great these came out. #patmyselfontheback #ididgreat #YUM #whatsforlunch #whatsonmyplate #wantsomecomegetsome #sharingiscaring

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