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step three. to be in cuba while to be in moscow ✨

Dậy đói bụng.
#wannatravel #throwback


再不旅行就會死的病☁️🛫 #wannatravel #takemeaway

Замудренные мысли совсем перестали посещать,кроме..need to something new in my life #usualdays#job#wannatravel

(Part 3) Wanna Love You - Joanna Borromeo
Danae w/ @wingsichan @xxxiydolem
@sin_cheung (welcome back 😂)
8月 coming la 💀💀 btw 7月已經相當刺激 🏳
#urbandance #dance
#wannaloveyou #wannatravel #wannahotpot


Donating isn't basic in any shape or form, and you can honestly donate wherever you want to. My personal preference is not donating to any large organization, and especially no large organizations without a specific purpose. But why?

Besides a long history of misappropriating funds (which I've seen with my own eyes all over the world, but the most corruption being here, in the USA), large organizations have a large overhead fee. So for every $1, the people who actually need the money may be getting about .08¢ or less. Sometimes more, but why, when there are other options?
Donating at the individual level or small community-based organizations are usually more helpful as there's no need to approve a budget, or pay administration fees, or bring in foreign aide. Because who cares more about a community than the individuals in that community? They know what they need and aren't asserting themselves onto anyone.
Donating to sustainable organizations is just where I put my money; those that employ local aid, those with long-term goals, those with specific purposes. Not organizations with large overhead, lots of personal advertising, and no game plan on where they will appropriate the funds, but will be the first ones to take it. Just look at how many different ways the Red Cross will take your money: sponsored donors, Amazon, PayPal, American Express. But where is the transparency of funds and where have they operated on a long-term basis to improve a community? It's not to say they don't help at all, but there are just better ways to help.
Donating to an actual human being is throwing it back to times when we literally helped our neighbors. Of course you run the risk of them not doing well with the money, but that same risk is run with any organization. At the end of the day, if I'm giving money to a person, I'd rather them "steal it" than some man behind a desk with a fat salary. So I have less confidence in orgs, more confidence in humans.
Just my 2 cents. 📸 by @brooklyntropicali

Where to next? 🌍✈️ #wanderlust #wannatravel #explore

Someone buy my car so I can travel. #Hawaii #wannatravel


step three. to be in cuba while to be in moscow ✨

Krenula sam jutros u solo avanturu...
Prvo sam bila na žičari, neadekvatno obučena za toliku hladnocu, ali bilo je divno.
Pa sam videla dve veverice, jedna je vikala na mene, ali je bilo divno.
Pa sam u neodgovarajućoj obući isla uz takvu uzbrdicu da mi je duša bila u nosu, ali je bilo divno.
Pa sam shvatila da u svojoj šetnji skoro 2 sata nisam videla ljudsko bice, ali je bilo divno.
Pa mi je vetar na jednom vrhu pevao, doduše horor melodiju zbog čega me je uhvatila panika jer nikog nisam srela 2 sata, ali je bilo divno.
Pa sam se malo izgubila i pevušila:
"Nesrećnik sam odmalena
od sve muke pesme pevam
voleo bih, majko mila
da sve ovo samo snevam
da sve ovo samo snevam
jooooj, jooooj, jooooj, joooooooj"
Ali je bilo divno...
Smrzla sam se, obila noge, zalutala, slušala horor pesmu, ali je ovo bio jedan divan dan.
#kopaonik #girlwhotravels #sheisnotlost #doyoutravel #wannatravel #hiking #lifestyle #igsrbija #explorenature #exploreserbia #mountain #planina #jesenovanje #darlingescapes #travelgram #lovetotravel #beautifuldestinations #traveldiary #viewfromthetop #flashesofdelight #openmyworld #wheretofindme #mytinyatlas #travelinbetween

Where to next? 🌍✈️ #wanderlust #wannatravel #explore

Where is next place for your vacation? Would you like to visit Sapa? The best view from Viettrekking Sapa.
#wandering #wannatravel #wander #wanderlust #travelaround #travelwithme #travelwithdaisy #sapavietnam #chilamotngayomyeulainhosapa

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