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This weeks shape, not much training, not big meals, eat 4 times a day and 2 shakes a day, 65.5kg only, yeah....
Active resting period idd say :)
#active #training #shape #wannaGetFit #DM 📩

#wannagetfit #dance

Who's ready to take an adventure with me? I'm going on a journey to get healthy with #itworks and I need some travel buddies! I'd love to introduce 3 people to these adventure tools so we can do this together. Message me if you'd like to have fun while getting healthy🤗 #adventurer #wannagetfit

Attempting my brothers 6minuet 6pack challenge and only recorded this 😭 I'm dieing will have to do it again Thursday! #getfit #brotherchallange @tezzaa1992 #wannagetfit

EveryDay You Must Push A little bit Harder and Alot Further! #Insanity #TeamBeachBody #Fit #Fitness #WannaGetFit

Post gym selfie! Progress is coming! Rome wasn't built in one day! 💪🏽 #strongnotskinny #wannagetfit #gymlife


Post gym selfie! Progress is coming! Rome wasn't built in one day! 💪🏽 #strongnotskinny #wannagetfit #gymlife

🚘🌄🏋💑My very 1st time in the gym today💪 Just left after a few hours of feeling it out & trying to get use to the gym equipments!! Today is going to be a fun day with the fam, I'm excited but gonna be sore by the end of the night I think!! #Morning #Sunrise #GymDay #Excercise #Health #GymCouple #WannaGetFit #Tgif

Documenting the start of my journey... had over a year out of training through injury and illness and I'm determined to get back in shape! #myjourney #recovery #health #24 #inches #size6 #wannagetfit #dontlikeit #dontlikeme #tattoos #lucky13 #girlsthatlift #gymbunny #myhappyplace #mytherapy #letsdothis

This was Tuesday... Chest and Tris day... I had sooooo many reasons to skip my workout, that day.
I started phase 3 of my program, the shredding phase, Beast. With this phase comes a different meal plan.
I've been so busy, I didn't have time to finish my meal planning for it and I felt totally unprepared.
Tuesday morning, I sent the kids off to school and got busy around the house.
I knew I had parent teacher interviews at 3, so by 11:00, I decided to go get my workout in before the day got away, even though I still had lots to do... I got my workout clothes on, drank my energize and headed downstairs... About 15 minutes into my workout, my daughters teacher called, Sydnee was sick and I needed to go pick her up. I ran upstairs, changed and went to pick her up. Got home by 12:30. Fed Caden lunch and got back to my workout by 1:00. Didn't even change back into my workout clothes. Finished my workout, had a shower, cleaned the kitchen while I waited for Lilli to get home and headed to the parent teacher interviews. Got home by 5:30, made dinner, got the kids ready for bed.

I could've easily said F it, to the rest of my workout. I could've used the fact that my house is a mess as an excuse.
But having a healthy mind and a healthy body is the most important thing. I need to be healthy, mind, body and soul, to be a good wife to my husband and mother to my kids.
They deserve the best version of me possible!! As do I!! The mess can wait!

Feeling better than I was yesterday so happy that I'm having a day at home tomorrow to rest. Hopeful that tomorrow will put this sickness on the right track to healing. Buffalo chicken is going to be a staple in this house, at least for me the hubby hasn't tried it. I made a salad topped with buffalo chicken, guacamole, and Greek yogurt ranch. I also put a little of the salad into a whole wheat tortilla.

Chocolate Shakeology with strawberries and raspberries, an English muffin, and some pineapple juice. Happy Tuesday 😊

So I'm thinking about trying out HIIT but don't know if it's totally worth the money. Obviously the motivation and one on one will be helpful for my journey but does anyone have any experiences with it? #wannagetfit #nomotivation

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