"Something has surrendered 
Something’s been set free 
I could start a fire 
Dancing, flaming, burning wild 
With phosphorous desires "
#me #finnishgirl #johnnyhollow #wannabeartsy #fallseason

Yesterday evening there was a little sunny spot in my apartment and i decided to make wannabe artsy pictures with the shadow of my hand 🤚

Playin with artsy snap filters cause I’m lame #selfie #sorrynotsorry #wannabeartsy

Maisemakuva87 #finland #lake #wannabeartsy

I’m back in Florida and all I want is to go back to Washington and live there forever and not this dump of a state #wannabeartsy

Tunarit kävi pulikoimassa (ja meinas melkei hukkua) #tunarit #wannabephotoshoot #wannabeartsy

Artist’s studio workspaces. When I’m in an artist’s space 😍😘❤️ I’m all that. I just love creatives. Can’t help myself. So much to share, but limited to 10 pics. I’ll keep you posted (pun intended or not) on any upcoming POST events. Better yet, follow them and you’ll be in the know - and get a regular dose of eye candy @post.detroit.shop Check out the previous Insta share for more pics and info on this really cool place that I thoroughly enjoyed this past Sunday afternoon. Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you to check out the POST at Kercheval & Chalmers, maybe you’ll get inspired to get creative, or both!
@post.detroit.shop #postdetroitshop
I was recently thinking that I’d snap some shots of my space where I’ve been twisting a bit of jewelry wire and sorting some of my vintage fabrics ... you know, feeling all accomplished and proud that I swept the floor, but I’ll need to hold off now. It doesn’t compare to these workspaces. “I’m not worthy” #wannabeartsy #wannabephotographer #wannaberockstar #wannabeamillionaire #wannabemermaid #igottabeme
#detroitartcity #detroitistheplacetobe #detroitiscreative
#artinthed #over50over60lifestyle #lgbtdetroit #summerindetroit

Vaikka tää on osa tätä Valot sammuu spämmiä xd, mä en voi mitään muuta kun arvostaa tätä jätkää. 16 vuotta teki rankkaa työtä saavuttaaksen nimen suomen hip hopin legendana. Cheekin musiikilla on ollu suuri vaikutus muhun sillä oon kuunnellu 8 vuotiaasta asti ja hänen musiikkinsa liittyy mulle niin paljon ihania muistoja. Kiitos Cheek kaikesta munkin osalta ❤ #legenda #wannabeartsy xd #varmaantekeecomebackintbhmutanyway xdd

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