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I fell asleep at 4 and had to get up at 8 so I’m super tired


The mans back ❤️😻

Oh shit bitch y’all already know I’m pumped for this shit

Aw asap <3

But why is he me 😂😂😂

I love my friends whenever they see a rapper meme they send it to me 💖💞💕💘💝

Omg I played tyler in the car and my mum was so confused

Gotta love it

Type of friendship I need

Gramming u from the after life #WANGSAP

This was one of the greatest nights of my life. So let’s start with a top 3 moment of the night. When @asaprocky came to perform with @feliciathegoat I nearly shattered my knee before recording this cause I lost my shit. We knew Rocky HAD to be there but we didn’t believe it till we saw it. Amazing night, WANG$AP 🙏🏽
#tylerthecreator #asaprocky #whodatboy #oddfuture #asapmob #wangsap #scumfuckflowerboy #scumfuckflowerboytour

If you couldn’t tell by my profile tyler is my bae 😋💘✨

2 legends 💖💖

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