One I met in the green mountain state,
And only the wild ones,
Give you something and never want it back.
Oh the riot and the rush of the warm night air.
Only the wild ones,
Are the ones you can never catch.
Stars are up now no place to go,
but everywhere. 🎶🌲🌼 festival number two of the summer is a wrap, and so is my three week roam of the East Coast! Happy to be headed home, but this trip has been filled to the brim - overflowing with joy& wonder.. silliness, hard work, late nights & early mornings, laughing til we cried, crying til we laughed (thanks breathwork 😂). So unbelievably grateful for my Wanderlust family.

Feeling so proud of and grateful for this incredible crew representing @momentomcollective at @wanderlustfest ✨Such a blast performing, roving, clowning, learning, playing, laughing and dreaming with you inspirational and beautiful souls.
#wanderlustvermont #wanderlustfestival #momentomcollective #circus #circustribe #stiltwalker #hoopers #stratton #vermont

when I was in high school + Amelia was in college she started practicing yoga. even though I was unclear on exactly what yoga was at the time, I decided I was into yoga too 🙈🙋🏼‍♀️because of wanting to be more like her, I started on a path of trying to find yoga classes wherever I went, exploring all different lineages, and being open to new perspectives + world views. fast forward to now, where I am a yoga instructor and Amelia continues to inspire me on the daily with her own commitment to her practice, by giving me creative sequencing ideas + always hooking it up with the best yoga playlist songs.
couldn’t be more grateful to have this lady as my sister + to move side by side on this wild ride of life 🌻💛

The first stilt-walking act I’ve ever created ✨☺️
#wanderlustvermont #momentomcollective #wanderlust #birdmask #dance #stiltwalker #stilts #circus

Thank you again @wanderlustfest for an enlightening few days of self care, intention and peace. Namaste 🙏 #wanderlust #wanderlustfestival #wanderlustfest #wanderlustvermont #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogiinspiration

OPEN this weekend for #wanderluststratton ! Come find us in the Village. 50% sale rack out front. Awesome sleepwear, lingerie, and underthings inside. Locally-owned, locally-loved. #findyourjoy #wanderlustvermont #stratton #strattonmountain @joyallthingsunderthings

I got no photos of our first performance at @wanderlustfest but I love this post-performance resting shot. Already so in love with this crew and this gorgeous place!
#wanderlustvermont #wanderlust #performers #circus #tribe #momentomcollective #stratton

"all-out celebrations of mindful living...at the end of all this blissed-out exploring you’ll find you’ve come home—to yourself." words from @wanderlustfest describing their magical festivals, and we 100% agree. we can't think of a better way to celebrate summer solstice and international yoga day tomorrow.
our team leader is returning for her 3rd time this year and we can't wait to share the experience with you!
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A candy colored strip with a mountain view ⛰

Southern Vermont has an untouched beauty about it that is unlike any other area of the United Stated I have been in. When I drove through Vermont, I pictured the fields, barns and houses as likely looking not much different to what it must have looked like in the 1800s. There is something charming and peaceful about it; I’ve also never been to a place where we’re the only ones on the road, where there is literally nobody around except yourself, nature and maybe a cow or two! 🐮 😍 I look forward to heading back to the great state of VT to explore more of its amazing landscapes and open skies! 🌌

This weekend I explored the quaint town of Manchester in southern Vermont! I stayed at a lovely inn called the Equinox which sits right off the main road of Manchester’s Historic District. The town is very cute and has an AMAZING bookstore (dangerous for me 😓) called @northshirebooks and a cute cafe that just opened where I was able to have my lunch and morning coffee. After exploring quiet New England towns, I’m itching to go somewhere else! Any suggestions?

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