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These photos don't show just how clear and beautiful it was swimming with all the little fish at Tabarca Island. Crystal clear water and fish everywhere! 😍🐡🐠🐟 .

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‘Off the Beaten Path’. You know, when you take a wrong turn, and it ends up being better than where you were before, or more interesting? #wanderlustgirl #abstract #abstractartist

Reminiscing about last weekend. Missing my family and drinking coffee! Thanks @chhigh for making us laugh.

Pese al frío, lluvia y nieve sigo enamorada de #Venecia y sus góndolas.
Y si sois unos curiosos como yo, no podéis perderos el astillero Squero, en San Trovaso. Allí aún quedan auténticos artesanos que, con sus propias manos, siguen fabricando las famosas góndolas venecianas.
Además, ¿Os habéis fijado en que los gondoleros muchas veces no hablan en italiano? Se comunican en un dialecto propio de la ciudad que procede del Veneto...así que no os alarmeis si no entendeis nada de nada!😂😂
Y si a un gondolero del siglo XIX le dices que su famoso canotier (formaba parte de su uniforme de trabajo para distinguirse de los oficiales de marina), se haría famoso como complemento femenino, les daría un patatús! Y si, por supuesto, yo tengo uno de mi último viaje!😂😂
Y después de todo esto, ¿Quién me invita a un paseito en góndola por sus famosos canales?💓 #condostacones #condostaconesblogdeviajes #blogdeviajes #viajera #viajar #travelinfluencer #influencer #travelword #wanderlustgirl #wanderlust #italy #europe #travelblogger #travelgram #travelgirl #wanderphoto #venice #gondola #serdepueblomolamogollon

Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own progress.

Seen in #downtownlasvegas. Someday I want to have the front of wherever I live painted beautiful colors! 😍

הלב שלי יודע מה טוב בשבילו
Sirt@ giti, te inchn e ir hamar lav

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Transformation Tuesday
I don’t even know or recognize the girl on the left anymore. She was lost, heart broken, used food as an emotional crutch, punished herself with workouts and her life really wasn’t going anywhere.
The girl on the left is a totally different person. 50lbs in weight is just part of the story, new outlook, new direction and a positive outlook.
There have been so many parts to this complicated transformation that I have gone through but one huge part of my transformation that has helped me become the person I was destined to be has been K E T O N E S it was not a magic fix and the change has taken work but when your brain switches on and life is bright there is no ignoring the new girl you see before you!

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