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When asked for my mantra at @wanderlustfest 'You've got this!' was the answer. So remember that no matter what you're goals are, how close or far you are to them or what you're going through, keep going & keep your head up cause #YouveGotThis 💕

An amazing day surrounded by many happy and positive people. Despite the wet weather everyone came together with common goals. Health, mindfulness and wellbeing. The day started with a 5km run, then the sky opened up for our yoga and meditation. Which believe it or not, enhanced the whole experience 😊 #wanderlust108 #adidaswanderlust @wanderlustausnz @adidaswomen

"No judgement. Support. Love. The space to be creative and be who we really are."✨
This is why we #ComeTogether at #Wanderlust108 x #adidaswanderlust.❤
📸 via our loves at @adidaswomen

post 5k - pre yoga - 🏃🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️#wanderlust108 #wanderlust

There was a time when I was deathly afraid of public speaking. Just like my races, I do still get nervous even though I know I prepared what I could. No matter how experienced — we get nervous because we care. We get nervous because it means something. Whether it be your first 5K or 100th race, you know what it means to you. If it's the first thing you think about in the morning & the last thing you think about before you sleep, it means something deep for you. .
I'll be doing my meditation all day tomorrow as I make my legs burn climbing a mountain. Next, I'll play dress up at a Godfather evening event. Then I'll join you Sunday on stage @wanderlustfest 108! Where we run & mediate together. Let those nerves be your fuel.✨

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¿Sabías que, aparte de tener todas las actividades físicas que mencionamos (Yoga, Meditación, 5K, Zona Play, etc), también vamos a tener unas charlas super interesantes con unas mujeres increíbles?

Te sugerimos que te des una vuelta en las charlas de @saramaldonado de @somosnanuya, @analiabarbieriyogacoach y @ceci_aguilera de Fitspiration por parte de @adidas / @adidaswomen y @thelmaesquitin #Wanderlust108 #adidasWanderlust #WanderlustMexico

LA! Come get your #OleGlow on at #Wanderlust108! Try all of our products 🤚 get a mini-facial 💁🏼💁🏽💁🏿and enjoy some photo booth fun 📸✨

Wanderlustin' 💞

#solandselene #wanderlust108


To us, #ComeTogether means that despite all our differences, we do our best to find our common connection. 🤝
Stay linked, #LA. We'll see you tomorrow. ✌️
📸: @melissagaylecreative
#Wanderlust108 #adidaswanderlust

Nothing but good vibes today in Santa Monica! Thank you for your contagious positive energy and for showing up! Big shout out to everyone who ran their first 5K today! You crushed it! #Wanderlust108 @adidaswomen @adidasrunning @wanderlustfest

We are ready to wake up and do it all over again L.A.! #namastinky #wanderlust108 #cometogether

Had such a blast today at #wanderlust. Running on the beach, yoga on the pier I couldn't ask for a better day or more amazing humans to spend it with!
#wanderlustfestival #wanderlust108 #findtourtruenorth #cometogether #santamonica #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #getoutside #5k

Perfect SoCal Day! Met up with these babes @wanderlustfest 5k walk on the beach followed by a fun yoga class on the pier. Ditched the meditation portion to eat. My heart feels happy from their energy & laughter. A perfect Saturday and great end to the first week of the #tiubikiniseries - kept up with my workouts and meals have been on point. Ready for week 2! #tiula #tiuteam #wanderlust108 @toneitup

"Our duty is to love beyond boundaries, appearance and race. For peace - it's the only way." Christopher Poindexter .
#wanderlust108 #ComeTogether #santamonica #la #bethechange #grateful #woke

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