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"This is definitely my best side, don't you think?" - The sea lions of #GreenHead in @australiascoralcoast can be real posers! This flamboyant fellow swam past @sealife_differently as they were free-diving off Green Head in @westernaustralia recently. This beautiful region is roughly three hours' drive from @experienceperth, and there's plenty to see along the way including the famous Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park. #travelgram #wanderlust #thisiswa #justanotherdayinwa #wildlifephotography

Last chance! Head to @peppermayo & find this photo for a chance to win TEN pairs of Quay sunnies + $1000 on Peppermayo! 😩😍 #QuayAustralia

Diablerets - Switzerland 🇨🇭 🏡💚🌾 🌼🌳🏔☘️ #Switzerland_Vacations

Digital postcard from Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio by Barneys' own @littlebunnynomi. #bnyvoyage

Mystical twin peaks of the Westfjords - guiding the way through the fjords. Pretty intense backdrop #iceland

They ask me why do I put so much effort into my Instagram profile. Here goes my answer.
For me this platform is like a visual diary. In the future ,let's say for example, my grand kids, when they go through this profile after my time they will be reading through my life captured in moments that will reflect various colors n phases of mine. They all add up.That's the reason y I experiment more and emphasize in saying a well presented story. ☺️🤘✌️
What's your story?
P.C - @canon_photostatic
For future reference when they see this- Your grand dad was supercool. 😎🤘
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I've fallen in love with you because I've fallen in love with me ❤️GAME changing life lesson.. _
Lesson: We attract what we are, not what we want. Let me explain...
...So I'll begin with saying It really was a process of conscious choice to manifest her universe into my universe. ✨ To rewind, my past relationships never felt quite right, never deep enough or intimate to the level I imagined, ever felt like this? That "feeling" you can't quite describe, you with me? I'd like many of us often point the finger out there.. until it CLICKED. O wait...
You attract what you are!
Truth is "I" wasn't in the s p a c e internally to attract what I had been imagining for my life... before that could manifest I first had to fall in love with my "self" I had to go to the inner gym and DO THE WORK ✨💪 before I was going to be able to share that level of intimacy with another that I'd been imagining. The more I expand the more I can give that expansion to another, whether that be partner or friend, I can not give what I do not have to give. If I want to experience love I must be love, if I want to experience abundance or travel and wild adventures with "others" I must be that! I cannot go places with another where I am not willing to go first myself. It seems so easy and logical when you say it right?
I share this message as I want people to see WE CAN CREATE WHAT EVER we want BUT first ,we must BECOME IT! You wouldn't recognise me (emotionally) a few years ago, I'm a completely different being, I've consciously shifted my inner reality over and over and what shifts is my outer reality, everyone without fail. Most are scared of doing he inner work as the EGO (ID) feels like it's dying or being threatened, it's literally like the emotional gym to transform your inner world and like any gym it can at times be very painful if you're putting the effort in , but the process like looking after yourself is always worth it!
Do I have more growing to do, fuck yes, however now I've attracted someone who can go there with me
My inner work gym buddy and goddess in form @iammelwells
Stay blessed 🤙

Chique na medida com @dapdem e como eles sabem fazer a gente se sentir bem dentro de um look 🇮🇹❤️ calça em couro perfeita e blusa toda princesa. | bolsa @lojascourama #mfviaja #wanderlust


Looking through old photographs is making me realize that the only time I'm truly happy is when we're traveling. Wishing I'd get paid to document all the creepy places we've visited. 🖤 #wanderlust #travelbug

Guten Abend, ihr Lieben!☺️ Ich hoffe, ihr hattet einen schönen Start in die neue Woche! Ich komme schon so langsam in Urlaub- Stimmung, denn nächste Woche geht's für mich nach Spanien.😍 Was war denn bislang eure tollste Urlaubserfahrung❓☺️ Meine war diese Wanderung bzw. der gesamte Urlaub auf La Palma vor zwei Jahren. Die Wolken zu "durchwandern" und anschließend über Ihnen zu stehen, ist einfach unglaublich beeindruckend, finde ich.😍 Habt einen tollen Abend!☀️ #wanderlust #lapalma #holiday #urlaub #clouds #sun #summer #latergram #throwback #fun #love #sky #fitfam

A week lost in casino never enough. Gamblling is another shade for traveling.And I finally won some cash for the next trip. .
Expect Nothing, And Surprised To Everything
✔Neveda, USA
☞ contact for more info: @1traveller_tk
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Threw on these babies and now all the locals think I'm French 😂❤️🍷

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В путешествиях почти всегда предпочитаю гулять по улицам и паркам, а не проводить день в музее (после Эрмитажа и Русского все таки трудно чем-либо впечатлить). Наблюдать, слышать, чувствовать атмосферу вокруг, понимать - твой ли город. Вена, конечно, прекрасна, но не моё ☺️

✨Big Island, Hawai'i✨
The landscape Hawai'i island is amazing. At one point you are sun bathing at a black sand beach. Another point you are bundled up at a higher elevation. Along the coast, you can see the slow ascent upward created by historic lava flows. Truly amazing to take in in person. 😍🌋
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thats a wrap on this semester.
i learned so much about myself emotionally and spiritually in addition to honing my design skills. from getting my internship after my first semester to being promoted in april, i’m ready to embark on this full time career working under l’oreal corporation as a 3D renderer, packaging designer, mechanical production artist, and being part of this family i joined 5 months ago. I’m thankful for the opportunities i’ve been given and the people who have supported me. I’m proud of myself for working so hard for the first time in a while, I feel confident, i feel happy, i feel blessed. if my first year at college was this crazy of a ride, i sure as hell can’t wait for my next one

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