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So this happened years ago(the incident that I am about to relate,not this picture!🙊) It was months after my rock-climbing accident(almost 17 years back),I was still on a wheelchair, I had just read the 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramahansa Yogananada and was very inspired by it, I also did a course in Pranic healing at this time and so was very interested in Spirituality,Mysticism and Energy work.
On this particular day though I was feeling a bit low, I was at my house in Dehradun(on the foothills of the Himalayas) and my parents were with me.They were concerned about me as they could see I was feeling a bit depressed because of being stuck in the wheelchair for so long.
As we were finishing breakfast we heard a voice outside our gate and as we looked out, we saw a Sadhu covered in ash sitting outside our gate.
My father who is a very pragmatic man, said he would ask the guy to leave and went out to speak to him, he came back after a while though and asked me to see this guy as "there was something about him"..
I went out on my wheelchair and the Sadhu started to say things about me that had been on my mind(almost like mind-reading), I told myself that that was probably what these guys did, and it was probably all generalisations about a Young girl in my condition.
He then told me, that he would give me something that would give me a lot of peace and healing power.
He asked me to pluck a flower from the ground, he then chanted something and as I opened my hand I saw that the flower had become a 'Rudraksha bead' in my hand!!!
He then again asked me to pluck a flower,again he chanted something and as I opened my hand the flower had become a Tabeez( an amulet) in my hand.
He then said that I should keep these touching my skin and it would give me a lot of healing power.He then left without saying anything else.

Im not sure if he did have powers or not, but I did heal quickly after this incident and had a lot of energy and belief in myself.
I'm not sure if this was a miracle or if it was just some tricks, but it did give me a lot of faith and hope and sometimes those are enough for one to connect with their own miraculous infinite powers.
Om Namah Shivaya🙏

Is he floating? 😱🚣🏽‍♀️
We love clear water 💧
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Cozy afternoons after exploring the city at akyrachiangmai 🙈😊 One thing not many people know when you travel the way we do, is that we actually rarely have time to just sit around and do nothing. We work anywhere and anytime we can. So we take advantage of these small moments we can enjoy! ❤️Chiang Mai is giving us such a breathe of fresh air -- small streets with local food places, but with the liveliness of a big city. Less traffic, but not less the fun. The long train ride was definitely worth it, and we highly recommend Chiang Mai to all kinds of travelers - digital nomads, backpackers, Instagrammers, families and couples. A real getaway. Watch the video on Snapchat/Instagram Stories and you'll see everything that we've been up to. .
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A charming little SoCal escape✨ Where is your favorite weekend getaway spot?

I'm in beautiful São Tomé! 🇸🇹 A former Portuguese colony founded in 1493. (Gained independence in 1975.) It's absolutely breathtaking here! 😍 I'm thinking of renting a motorcycle to go explore all around this beautiful island nation. (Country #151 !)

Опа, серьезная такая)))


Gypsy Anklet Heels. They are here! Tell Emma!! ✌️😍

Body electric and I dance like Morrison

Caught myself a Mahi Mahi! Been hoping for one for weeks and today I hooked this beast. After a 30 minute struggle finally managed to get him on board. Super pleased! 💪

Mirar sin ver. Y sentir sin tocar. Y desear sin querer. Y querer sin amar. Volar y volver. Y perderse sin buscar. Jugar a ganar. Vivir in perder. #wednesday

If feels good to go nude.

I think my street cred just went up a notch or two! After being selected for a secondary bag check by Frankfurt customs I was informed that both of my bags tested positive for traces of explosives. I cannot even begin to imagine how that happened - I'm a pacifist for crying out loud, and I really suck at chemistry! Anyway, that led to a very stressful interrogation by German police, and then a third, much more intense search of both me and every item and nook and cranny of my luggage. They were just about finished when an agent plucked my car keys out of the last pocket, and my pepper spray was attached. 😒 I've been flying with pepper spray on my key ring since 2005, and never had a problem domestically or internationally, but no such luck this time. I was charged with a criminal offense. I'm officially an international criminal, lol.
I know what questions are going to come next, so here goes...yes, I am and was fully aware of the risk of traveling with pepper spray. But as a female, often traveling solo, I also realize the risk I take in not having anything to protect myself with. I've simply made the calculation that the risk of being attacked, and all that goes with it, is greater. So I understand and am ok with facing the consequences of being caught this time. And I will absolutely buy a new one first thing when I get home. #sorrynotsorry
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When Mother Nature can't decide she just goes for an autumn scenery with winter colours and spring weather.
And of course, you don't need a filter #enjoy .
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Designing user interface for a robotic curtain which gravitates to the exterior facade but is held captive when its users demand privacy. •

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Sometimes, I walk in lonely ways
Not to be alone,
But to find only the company
Of others like myself.
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