We visited this beautiful farm back in April and I immediately fell in love with the place! 💜Just after we got engaged two weeks ago this was the first place to come to mind to get married! New Zealand 🇳🇿✔️ Breathtaking gardens 💐✔️ Farm Animals 🐷✔️ Small intimate setting 🍾✔️ Sadly I just found out they are doing weddings at this time... Anyone have any suggestions as to where in the 🌍 we should get married? 👰🏼

The scent of Lavendar takes me back to our honeymoon in New Zealand. We happened across the most gorgeous lavender farm in Wanaka and stopped spontaneously. It was the most gorgeous venue, the weather was perfect and we spent hours wandering through the farm, drinking coffee and eating lavender shortbread cookies in their shop. .
Yesterday we did the Fruit Look tour in Mt Hood. It’s a 35 mile beautiful drive that includes stops at wineries, lavender farms, farms to pick berries and fruit stands to stop at. We only stopped at a handful of our favorite things - a lavender farm, a few different cider places, fruit stands and a pie shop 🥧 to end the day.
Our first stop was the lavender farm and it was like getting a little bit of a memory back. Are there any scents or things that bring back memories for you?

Look at this guys side profile. Alpacas are amazing #alpaca #wanakalavenderfarm #fresh

The lavender at @wanakalavenderfarm in late March wasn't as vibrant anymore, but they still had some other beautiful flowers. #wanaka #travel #wanderlust #explore #southisland #newzealand #naturephotography #flowers #wanakalavenderfarm

These cows were my fav part of the trip 🐮 #highlandcow #wanakalavenderfarm

Awesome colour inspiration from 📷 @lucialitman ‘s #pantoneontheroad trip to NZ 😍

ลิ้น alpaca นี่มันดึ๋ย ดึ๋ย ที่ มือ มากๆ เลย
#alpaca #foodfeeding #sheep #wanaka #lavenderfarm #animals #animal #wanakalavenderfarm #nz #nztrip #newzealandsouthisland #newzealand

New life goals: own a lavender farm with amazing lavender honey ice cream and cute farm animals like @wanakalavenderfarm

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