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Work your magic #neoslavic 👹

#WalpurgisNight 28/04

The new line, Das Krafttier - the spirit animal - is ready to launch on Walpurgisnacht at midnight on April 30th. This new line is full of shamanic animal lore filled with hidden symbolism that I leave you to interpret ⚒ thewickedgriffin.com

Amazing weekend ❤️#WalpurgisNight #round2 #round3soon?

this fall break has (turn)ed out to be pretty great!🍁 #walpurgisnight #studiotime

first day done !!!#ballet #GKA #faust #walpurgisnight

Oksana Skorik in "Walpurgis night" from the opera "Faust". Dance Open Festival 2016

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This pic can't be more perfect😍😍💕 Carlee did really well on her solo and THIS LEAP🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😱 just stunning!
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Work your magic #neoslavic 👹

#WalpurgisNight 28/04

The new line, Das Krafttier - the spirit animal - is ready to launch on Walpurgisnacht at midnight on April 30th. This new line is full of shamanic animal lore filled with hidden symbolism that I leave you to interpret ⚒ thewickedgriffin.com

Firefighting-action while harvesting the tree for the Walpurgis Night celebration.
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The Walpurgisnight takes place on the 30th of April to the 1st of May. It is a night full of myths, customs and folklore. The roots of this very important spiritual festival reaches far back in time, when Germanic tribes have settled the area around the Harz mountains in northern Germany. It was on this night that the death of winter and the arrival of spring, new fertility and the seed of new life was celebrated and honored. It might be one of those festivals that every pre-christian tribe and mythology celebrated in one way or another. The spirits of winter were banished, cast way into the abyss of the Underworld, very similar to the alpine-pagan tradition of the Perchtenläufe with the very same intent: To call upon new fertility and to cast aside the spirits of winter.
It was around 1000 years ago, that Christianity has condemned this festival as pagan, heathen, and as devil worship, similar to the greek God of Pan. The Goat was a spirit animal, phallic, referring to the potency of nature, the importance of procreation to ensure survival. Walburga from England was a very religious woman from a Monastery, and was declared holy by Pope Hadrian II. It was said that she had a profund knowledge in casting aside negative and evil spirits.
The Brocken Mountain in northern Germany, also called Blocksberg, is a magical place full of myths, fairytales and dark folklore. It was here, that people were seeking communication with the spirits of the Otherworlds. The witches-dance-place in Germany, Hexentanzplatz, in a town called Thale is dedicated to this pagan Union and the folklore surrounding this place. It was here, that the image of a witch with a broom, flying around in the Sky, was created and brought out into the world. The symbolism is that a Hagazussa, is a woman who is capable of “flying”over the fence with a broom. It is a symbol for spiritual trance-like Astralprojection.
A lot of rural customs stem from this pagan festival. The Maypole, der Maibaum, is usually a birch tree and the birch tree had mythological relations to the Goddess of Freya and her spirit of fertility. The Walpurgisnight was known in Bavaria as well and declared as a Rauhnacht.

The Hostess stirring up the fire 🔥 #WalpurgisNight 28/04 🐲

Weird is the night 🔱
#WalpurgisNight #music video out on 28/04 Subscribe to LukeBlackVEVO (link in bio) to see it first. ❤️🔥

Pluto ♏ regent of Scorpio.

It is the slowest and farthest planet in our solar system. It has the name of the Roman god of the underworld, which is a more modern version of the Hades of the Greeks, being considered in both versions as the absolute ruler of the underground world.

#Pluto transforms from the depths of the psyche and the subconscious. As the regent of the #Scorpio sign, the cold planet helps to emerge all those hidden talents that remain deep in the being.
Pluto, forms with Jupiter and Uranus, the trio of 'transpersonal' planets, also known as generational planets or spiritual planets. They are the slower-moving planets that seek together the evolution of humanity, influencing entire generations.

When transpersonal planets, such as Pluto, begin their process of retrogradation, are characterized by slow cycles that initiate processes of deep spiritual formation, under the pressure of social, religious, political or human needs. Its initial effects are not very noticeable and its influences are quite gradual.

#PlutoRetrograde helps us to deepen that part of the psyche that is difficult to examine and analyze thoroughly and to generate the strength to transform what needs rehabilitation.

#PlutoRx in the Sign of Capricorn this April 20, this retrogradation comes loaded with some doses of pessimism and depression, do not be surprised if from one day to another you feel emotionally blocked, or with some fear of expressing what you really feel.

The best way to survive retrograde pluton is to accept positively the changes that come to us, to meditate on what we feel and not to limit ourselves to express ourselves under no circumstances.

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knock knock... 👀
#WalpurgisNight 28/04

We are now in that tricky fiery time between #Ostara and #Beltane when our fire is rising and we feel like we want to run wild through the fields or to burst into flames like a reborn #Phoenix. 🔥Do you feel the #kundalini rising, folks? 🔥How are you preparing for Beltane? We'll tell you if you tell us ;) hehehe
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Veštičarenje za #lukeblack -ov #walpurgisnight! 🤘🏻Fotografija @emilajdza #video #shoot #shooting #music #musicvideo #mtv

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