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Bersama team @handsinframe @andrewyaputra @fwitanto @windyjunica dan pemenang photo competition #wallofstuff @jordikurni @hartantotan @_joko_k @artupoirla @adrinb88

Siap untuk #secretinstameet di Yogyakarta.

Dan juga ditemani oleh kurator #wallofstuff @keenanpearce saat di bandara Soekarno Hatta tadi :)

I want to encourage you to try new stuff, here's the plan :

@goodlifebca & @handsinframe are doing a collaborative collaboration, we want you to share with us all the local stuff that inspire you the most and try to make it into great visuals.
Check out the link on my bio to study more about this campaign and make sure to follow them! #wallofstuff 📷 @ernandaputra 💃🏼

Memories and dreams. 💪😍 my wall of stuff makes a comeback 😂version 3.0! 😍❤️❤️❤️ #wallofstuff

Regram from @bennylims
My one and the only wooden watch
by @limawatch
Join @GoodLifeBCA x @handsinframe collaboration at www.wallofindonesia.com and stand a chance to win #SecretInstaMeet for 5 people to a city that's well known for its handicraft! #wallofstuff #wallofindonesia #localbrand

New store items arriving daily. Check out two of the three new pennants (right side) available this summer. We couldn't wait to put them up on the wall. #pennant #intheberkshires #howmanydaystillcamp #summercamp #wallofstuff

Wall of Stuff
Lovely snap of Liz Loveless' brand new book from Family Tree, in Exmouth Market (off Sadlers Wells). If you want a copy hot off the press head down for a browse, or if you're not in London then it's available via the link in my profile. Limited edition of just 800 copies & 150 specials.
#wallofstuff @familytree_shop @exmouth_mkt #designfortoday #limitededition #lizloveless

The 2K17 Wall of Stuff is up! #2017 #wallofstuff #travel #bitsandpieces

#GoodStyleTips ala Friederich Herman (@friederichhrmn) kali ini adalah “Bold Color”. Mengapa? Sebab bold colors membuat gaya berpakaianmu jadi pusat perhatian & mudah diaplikasikan dalam berbagai acara (hangout, pesta, atau meeting). Ingin tahu bagaimana memaksimalkan gaya ini? Hanya 1. Jangan gunakan bold colors secara serempak. Kenakan warna bold pada bagian tubuh yang ingin ditonjolkan, misalnya bagian atas. Contohnya, jumpsuit ini. Dengan orange yang cerah di atas & warna gelap di bawah, membuat bagian atas tubuh semakin bold, ditambah dengan simpul asimetris yang unik & menarik mata.

#WallofIndonesia #WallofStuff

Diambil beberapa minggu yang lalu di Yogyakarta. Singkat cerita, rasa cinta yang timbul pada kesenian wayang kulit membuat Pak Atmo mendirikan sanggar nya sendiri. Memberikan wadah untuk orang-orang sekitar belajar membuat wayang kulit.

Di sekeliling Pak Atmo adalah Karya-Karya andalan nya. Lebih spesifik, wayang kulit dengan gaya Yogyakarta. Take part of #wallofindonesia competition by @goodlifebca, Check out the link on my bio for further detail. #wallofstuff


Happy working corner with octopus and tea 🐙

After a month of waiting my pretty has arrived. Thank you @owlcrate. First thing is first...add to the wall. 💓 #headoverheels #owlcrate #bookbox #acomaf #writingtime #wallofstuff

It's back. #wallofstuff

Flashback to November 2016 when all of this actually happened.
I just had to click on that ad that kept popping up and I bought the poster, carried it all the way from America, my parents then helped with finding that perfect frame and in hanging it, also @sallycharbel helped!
PS one of the friends from the wall will be visiting in less than a week, eeeek! @itsmemelanieiswear
#MakingEveryoneParticipate #Timelapse #GoProEgypt #FRIENDS #UltimateFan #WallOfStuff #WallOfFame

New store items arriving daily. Check out two of the three new pennants (right side) available this summer. We couldn't wait to put them up on the wall. #pennant #intheberkshires #howmanydaystillcamp #summercamp #wallofstuff

So, I finally cleared my desk a bit and can now actually use it as a workplace again, go me! 💪And yes, it's a bit sad I consider this photo-worthy, but I really need to cherish this moment^^ #studygram #wallofstuff #memories

I've hung the wooden ice cream I created for @donnawilsonltd @donnawilsonsmyo on my studio wall, amongst the madness that includes an Indian tuk-tuk tassel (sparkly blue on right), a beer label I designed and a tin bird from @refoundobjects. I think it's important to surround yourself with inspirational things for creativity. Have you submitted your creative challenge yet? #desk #studio #myochallenge #creativity #create #inspiration #icecream #wallofstuff #louiselockhart #theprintedpeanut

We have visited Liz at @factorypress who makes beautifully printed books, cards and posters. Liz is an illustrator and printmaker based on Clifden Road just off Chatsworth Road, and she has just published the book Wall of Stuff available from @designfortoday . We will post a bigger feature on Liz and her artwork soon. #ilovechatsworthroadmagazine #illustrator #wallofstuff #localbusiness #screenprinting #chatsworthroad

Stress er lidt som at skulle løbe med en knæskade. Case in point: ovenstående video. Jeg tænkte jeg ville lade det blive inde i stedet for at klippe det ud eller starte forfra. #stress #minimalisme #wallofstuff #kortslutning #studerende #kualiv #saxoinstituttet #historie #engelsk #vlog

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