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Its Friday πŸŒ™ life has been good 2 me all week and i intend to receive further generosity as the days more forward. Blessings from a true πŸ‘‘ #femalesupremacy #walletrinsing #moneyslave

You thought this was enough money to get me to show my teeth with a smile but once again you were wrong! All you get is a little grin! I'll have to teach you how you shouldn't be thinking & should just be living & serving me because your money looks so much better in my hands - now send tribute$ here at once! ➑️ www.itsmyurls.com/TrinaMason πŸ’Ž #yourspoiledbrat has an important interview with #wrestlingdivaz coming out soon‼️stay tuned πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ I also want you to come see my next & best wrestling match yet at #thegatheringofthejuggalos for #juggalochampionshipwrestling ‼️ I can only begin to tell you how fucking excited I am & how much of a dream come true it is to be doing this! #darklotus saved my life & I'm forever #dedicatedtothebutterfly πŸ¦‹ This is also my first #juggalo gathering & I'll be in #oklahomacity my first time for a week listening to #insaneclownposse & experiencing some of the most wicked shit ever! #wickedclownsneverdie 🀑 so much to look forward to & I have officially started packing! I also have so many more announcements I'm just bursting at the seams to release but #keptgrindin - all I can say now - i'll be sure to continue producing videos & you just keep those tributes coming & keep speaking with your actions how HONORED you are to be in this #carnivalofcarnage with me‼️ 😜 Don't let me down #teamtrinamason πŸ’ͺ There are many ways you can help that require no financial servitude despite my love for #findom & I have many opportunities for new subs :) I especially handle masters & alphas that's kinda my specialty but you won't know if you earn a place in my court if you don't learn to speak up! Actions speak louder than words πŸ”ͺ money talks and bullshit drags onπŸ–• this goddess has better things to do so pay or go away & stop wasting our resources - time, energy , emotion = all resources that don't have a price tag - that doesn't mean they don't hold value - I feel like this is common sense but it isn't common practice - I shouldn't have to use my #professionalwrestling character to get people to wake up! I'll save that shit for my interview with @thegd91 ‼️ subscribe to https://m.youtube.com/user/WrestlingDivaz to hear my new one & my first one!


I love how my skin got tanned! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

Sunkissed πŸ’›


Got a new haircut! 🍾

Fishnet and chill. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Shut your mouth and open your wallets πŸ˜šπŸ˜™ you know you want to

Yup I have verification. Don't lose your chance loser.. spoil me now.

Haha such a compliment. Nope I'm real with verification!

Spoil me piggies, let's play 🐷

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