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~ yo knows woods ~

~ walk with me ~

Since this is a #yo_llaboration with @jessepf -- jesse's shot / my (minor) edit -- I thought it might be fun to present in Jesse's style...
walk with me

isn't that what we're all seeking? others with whom to walk. if I might be so bold, i'd argue that yearning might even be largely responsible for much of the magic behind this little @instagram app. go ahead, say it together. #walkwithme --------------------------------
Jesse saw this graffiti on a wall while walking around DC a little while back. Made him think of me. He snapped a picture and sent it over with a kind note. It's nice to be thought of. I'm thankful for friends like Jesse with whom to walk. It's been a virtual walk so far, but I suspect we'll run into one another one of these days and find some graffiti together. Meantime, we walk together on IG. You should, too.

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