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Her spark of life touches the earth,
The earth crackles and explodes with life.
Mother earth, and the natures spirit
Give her the power to keep the magic alive.
She says: "Have you ever felt the love of the wind,
Felt the snuggle of the water at the brook
Felt the joy of a beggar on the street
When you give him everything you took?"
She says:"Have you ever made a friend forever
Heard the birds chirp in happy joy
Felt the kiss of rain and song of the thunder
When you walked, watching the sky all alone"
She says: "Have you told your mum that you love her,
Compared your life joys to an orphan girl,
Felt the fresh snow of the cold winter,
When your spirit soaks up the morning dew"
She says then: "I know your answer- isn't it no?"
"You need to let the magic into your soul"
You found all the missing pieces with her -
But she's walking away from you now, never to return.
You never saw real beauty of life before her.
The magic is something you can not unlearn...
If you walk the earth softly, then she'll return
She will again breathe life into your soul;
Her spark of life will touch again the earth
And the earth will then crackle; with life explode.

To celebrate #PresidentsDay here is a photo of Sagamore Hill from our shoot last February. The house and its surrounding farmland became the primary residence of President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife Edith. During his presidency, Sagamore Hill became known as the "Summer White House" and it played host to numerous visits from foreign dignitaries and peace talks that helped bring an end to the Russo-Japanese war. On July 25th, 1962, it was established as a National Historic Site and today taking a tour of Sagamore Hill and the grounds is a great way to spend an educational afternoon!

Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, Long Island
February 2017.

Photo by @thenicebrice

"Always watch where you are going. Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the forest that was left out by mistake." ~Winnie the Pooh (AA Milne)...
. I came across a list of Pooh quotes a few days ago and for whatever reason they appealed to my sense of humor...I may post more just for fun 😇
#monday #mondaymotivation #poohwisdom #winniethepoohquotes #starttheweekontherightfoot #bebearsmart #kidlogicisawesome #letthelittlechildrenleadtheway #childlikeheart #trees #treelove #treeroots #exposedroots #walksoftly #watchyourstep #lifelessons #lessonslearned #letthetrailteachyou #rolleylaketrails #missionbc #exploremission #fraservalley #valleylife #noplacelikehome #homesweethome #mysweethomelife #canon80d📷

I spend all day handling beautiful #art and #antiques ... #mothernature is the greatest #artist ❤️#lovetheearth #oneworld #peaceonearth #love #livefree #walksoftly

Things started off relatively normal @spatula6 thought this was more instagram worthy...#walksoftly #carryabigstick #carryaBIGstick

A different sort of post~ this one is about walking-the-walk in my daily life. I love that Druidism integrates spirituality and practicality so seamlessly. My biggest personal draw to the Druid path is my love of Nature. In the introductory course package I received from OBOD there was a booklet entirely dedicating to stewarding the Land and it lights up my heart that I've found a community of people that are dedicated to the well being of our Natural world. So, small step though it may be, I wanted to share that I have made this but of progress toward living a "greener" life. Cheers, and happy Living!
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What sorrow was so great that his heart could not contain it? This great beech tree has exposed his heart and is now dying. If trees do indeed have stories, this one breaks my heart. #wonderlandwoods #treestories #fortheloveoftrees #winterwalk #intothewild #walksoftly #lovematters #mindfulness #lookcloser #divedeeper #treestellstories #themagicoftrees

The art of carrying a stick...nothing special today #lablife #walksoftly and #carryastick

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m just a little obsessed with my dog. #dog #dogsofinstagram #walksoftly #carryabigstick #coloradog #coalcreektrail #lafayette #lafayettecolorado #nofilter

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I want to live in a world where people feel Free and Clear —a world where relationships are respectful, loving and fun. I want to see people thriving, prosperous and whose lives are filled with Love, Joy and meaningful work.

It breaks my heart to see past traumas and familial lineages affecting the present, producing resentment, anger, anxiety and depression. It pains me to watch people repeat the same patterns in their lives again and again.

I want you to have a life of Freedom, Spaciousness and Room to Breathe. A life where all good things flow easily and effortlessly, without having to force change. A life where Bliss has come to stay.

So, I've created a course that will teach you exactly how to create a Blissed-out life—beyond what you ever imagined possible. Get ready to clear all the past garbage—without even having to know where it comes from— and learn a new way of Being in the world. I'll teach you ancient wisdom that cultures all over the world have used to connect with higher levels of consciousness and bring Peace to people and the planet.

Through a series of 4 video modules that includes downloadable worksheets and action steps, you'll learn secret techniques that will put you on the path to clearing out old patterns and attracting your best possible life.

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