It’s not what the movement looks like. It’s about what it feels like. #MovementTherapy

Sneaky boomerangs whilst solo/duo/trio practice was going on #cheerleading #cheer #dorchester #dorset #tumbling #gymnastics #solo #duo #trio #dance #walkovers #cartwheel #hardwork

Don’t know why alway called those moves “ Walk over”🤷🏻‍♀️, for me it’s more of “flip over” than “ walk over“, but if you wanna sounds fancy & professional, walk over it is 😁. #walkovers #dancemom #lovemygirls #love #family #momof2 @m.i.c.h.e.l.l.e.w.i.l.s.o.n @nosliwsirhc

New location/ new angle💛
Not sure if I like this but wanted to try it out🙃
#gymnastics #explore #gymnast #tuckback #flick #walkovers

I hate the last clip but I like this video 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 song: let me go #Canada#gymnast#gymnastics#handstand#cartwheel#walkovers#roundoff

I don’t walk.... I do front walkovers! 😜 #frontwalkover #nowalking #parkfun #saturdayfun #walkovers

🎉More walkovers to/ from the floor!🎉
4️⃣Valdez. Start on the floor with your walkover leg extended & supporting leg planted. Have the same arm as the working leg extended out & the other hand right behind you, fingers facing away. Reach the extended arm straight up & over, as you look back for the floor. Push up with the supporting leg & twist the supporting hand into proper bridge position. Keep lifting that working leg, as the 1st hand touches the ground & you push off with the bottom foot. From here, finish as if a normal back walkover. *Add more spice: If you can do your valdez already, why not try a one handed? AND if you can do the one handed already, why not try it in a ‘leg hold’ position?? 5️⃣Snap up. Start on your knees, sitting up off your feet. Swing the arms, sit back & prepare as if going into a back handspring. Pull the arms up & over the head (keeping them straight!) while looking back for the floor, and pushing off your knees. Squeeze the glutes & push your hips up, as you engage your quads to think about straightening the legs. Bring the hands down to the floor to land in a bridge over the toes. If that was challenge enough for now, stop there & keep practicing. Otherwise, as soon as your hands touch in your bridge, start to lift the working leg & kick over into your BWO from the tops of your toes.
6️⃣Fishflop. Start back walkover as normal. Stop the 1st foot in the handstand & bring the 2nd one up to meet it. From here, keep lifting/pulling away from the ground, as you lift your chin & slowly bend the arms lowering down to your chest. Arch your back & finish rolling out to a cobra position.
7️⃣Kadoozi. For this variation you have to start a bit differently. You are going to start with your dominant foot in front (pointed or in a lunge); put your hands down sideways (as if doing a cartwheel), HOWEVER they are going to be facing AWAY from the front leg. Place the hands down one at a time as you kick the back foot. Keeping the legs in a split position, arch your back to bring them to the floor. Lift the 1st hand off the floor, catch yourself on the bottom of the 1st foot & lower yourself to your bum keeping the 2nd leg extended.

Walking-over the weekend. Itching to get back to it, but doing some R&R right now. #priorypark #movementculture #walkovers #east15actingschool

Walkover Variations Take 2!!🎉 Today is walkovers to and from the floor, since there are so many this will carry over to tomorrow as well!! 1️⃣Back walkover to one, or both knees: There are a few different variations here, but are all fairly simple! (a) Start the BWO as normal catch yourself on your 1st foot, as you would, then tuck the 2nd foot to land on that knee. This is the easiest variation. (b) Start as normal, when the 1st foot is approaching the floor keep it full stretched and control yourself to the top of your foot. Then bend the knee, lowering yourself, tuck the 2nd foot and land on both knees. (c) Start as normal. Stop the 1st foot straight up (handstand position), bring the 2nd foot up to meet it & squeeze tight at the top of your handstand. Then lower both legs together, keeping the feet stretch, catch on the tops of your feet and lower to your knees.
2️⃣Front to the knee. (a) Start the FWO as normal, as the first foot approaches the ground, bend the knee slightly, but keep the foot stretched. Catch on the top of your foot and control yourself down to that knee. As you recover, catch yourself on the bottom of the 2nd foot. (b) Come up to a handstand position & squeeze at the top. Arch over and bend both knees slightly as you control yourself over onto the tops of the feet. Lift the hands & recover as you continue to both knees.
3️⃣To Split. (a) Front to split: start walkover as normal, start to go over the 1st foot (like knee variation). As you start to lift the hands & recover, continue sliding the 1st leg back and straight & extend the 2nd leg in front to land in full split. (b) Back to split: start as normal, as the 1st foot approaches the floor start to shift your body towards that side. Lift up the opposite hand, rotate your hips & swing that 1st foot through on the opposite side. Keep the 2nd leg straight & stretched into a split while in the air to land on the ground in a full split with inside hand lifted.

See you tomorrow👀
Happy Flipping!🙃 #acrodemics #acrobatics #academics #educate #acro #dance #dancer #teacher #trainer #kin #strength #walkovers #tothefloor #fromthefloor #snapup #fishslop #valdez #gymnastics #skills #strength

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