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Peaceful morning stroll 🌿🍄🐝
Just realized Dean is 6 weeks old & I am the most lucky to be home with him instead of heading back to work like many mamas! #babydibo #enjoyingthemoment #luckymama #walkinnature #britaxstroller ❤️ @britaxus @jsd1316

kad te @laurabudimir uslika dok joj se jadaš 😛 tenks na slušanju kolegice.. #walkinnature 🌲🍀 #spring

Enjoying my time in the garden today! Quality time <3

La pace in uno scatto🍃

When you start to get a bit older people think it's about time you have had children! Or people ask automatically 'do you have children?' When I say 'no!', they look at me blank or don't know what to say. Now I say 'I am trying!' Then they either don't say anything or say something like 'it can be hard these day'. And that's when I agree. And say 'it is for lot of us actually!'
Why do people have to ask? In my case it's small talk in my job.
I don't make people feel uncomfortable even though they have made me feel that way. It's just rude to ask at all! Yet it's seems to be a normal question asked without hesitation for any consequence. I feel this is only because people have children all the time and that's normal. What isn't is not having or wanting them. This is what society dictates.
What are your experiences of this please?


Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on.
#stairs #path #nature #green #trees #step #belgium #summer #sunny #photography #vsco #vscocam #vscomania #instadaily #walk #walkinnature #relax #enjoythenatural

HEY! let's go for a walk... I've something to tell you 😊 "I could walk a mile in your shoes, but I already know they're just as uncomfortable as mine. Let's walk next to each other instead." - Lynda Meyers °
It's easy to look at peolpe and make quick judgements about them, their present, their past. But you'd be amazed at the pain and tears a face can hide.
We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path.
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I spent 30 minutes chasing this fucker while my lazy-ass dog watched in the shade nearby #pic #butterfly #naturephotography #littlebugger #ig_flowers #colour #summer #summertime #walkinnature #lazydog #patienceofasaint

was not a good year for me .
I was walking outside daily , going to pump class and body balance class once a week . I asked my lovely psychologist Linda , feeling infuriated that this dreaded sadness and numbness was still lingering , for her opinion . Feeling lost I wanted some extra encouragement from her - "Linda , what are my values do you think?"
Linda - " That you never give up . You do everything , you try everything to get well . You never give up . You are determined to find the answer"
Soon after on the TV news a leading Sydney Doctor of Acupuncture was discussing her clinical success to treat depression . Funny synchronity - her clinic was the same suburb I grew up in where my parents still live . I made an appointment in a weeks time . After a few sessions with her , things not shifting she asked me who in my life alive or past could I call upon to help me heal . My Beautiful Grandma Maisie came to mind . Things didn't shift though . And I was doing everything right . Loving mum and still working part time . Finally my Doctor says . I want you to see Dr Alex who visits from the North coast . He's a Medical Doctor trained in Esoteric Acupuncture /Chakra Energy healing . So I visit Dr Alex a humble looking man of Greek origin who greeted me my first visit wearing a beige silk suit top .
He swung his magic pendulum over my body . Diagnosis - " Your Heart is completely blocked "
I was in shock and said ,
" How can that be? -I should be dead!! What causes that ?"
Dr Alex said - " Someone has hurt you . You are in grief "
I knew straight away .
My treatment that session involved needles all over and the room was illuminated with a green light ( green for heart chakra centre ) I'll never forget that session . For the first time in months tears came to my eyes as i gazed up at the ceiling as the faces of the people I love appeared . I wasn't 100% cured but on my way . I'd been putting it off , ignoring my gut feelings and went back to my wholistic health centre saw my other Greek Wholistic medical Doctor and blood tests showed I needed specially made high dose vitamins that are crucial to formation of the brains neurotransmitters...cont.comments

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