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Fotspåren jag lämnade efter mig på busshållplatsen. Gående meditation är bästa tisdsfördrivet när man är för tidig. GODMORGON ☀️☕️❄️
#gåendemeditation #mindfulness #meditation #walkingmeditation

Quiet morning walk along the river. Our morning walks are meditative for me and the best way to start my day! Dog therapy. It works! #walkingmeditation #dogs #snow

Cute lil teal sun spot.
#walkingmeditation #skiuphill

When the snow melts, the footprint path looks like a meandering river. #drawingyourownpath #dailydrawing #walkingmeditation

In a week, we're going out to the woods for a little walking meditation. Join me April 1st and catch your breath amongst the trees. Details at the link in my profile. Register in advance as spots are limited! 💗🌿💗 #meditation #mindfulness #walkingmeditation #meditate614


MEDITATION HACK.... Meditation can be a tough one especially for beginners. Sitting in stillness for a prolonged period of time is challenging...the body begins to ache...the mind easily wanders. So maybe you could try something different? There are many forms of meditation and one I find particularly useful is a walking meditation. It's easy and is a great way to start adding meditation and mindfulness in to your ever day routine. As Spring approaches and the nice weather creeps in there's no better time to give this a go, get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Here's a few tips to get you started 🙏🏽 give them a try next time you're out on a walk..
Firstly become aware of your surroundings through senses - SMELL - can you smell freshly cut grass? New flowers blooming? 🌺🌸🌹🌻 - SOUND - Can you hear the birds singing? 🕊 People talking? Closeby traffic? Water running? Is there silence (you can focus in on that too) - SIGHT - what can you see? Become aware of everything surrounding you. Trees 🌳 flowers 🌸 insects 🐛🦋 water 🌊 people 👫 animals 🐶🐱🐰🐷🐮🐥 the sky, the clouds 🌥🌈 As you walk just be aware of what surrounds you. Focus in on things through the senses mentioned above but allow yourself to really pay attention. Notice how this makes you feel - maybe a little smile will appear on your face. Taking time to just be, and appreciate what's around you can have a big affect.
Keep on doing this, and if you notice your mind has wandered just accept that but then bring your attention back to the present moment and what you're looking at/smelling/hearing.
Enjoy ✨😁🙏🏽

I came outside to take a break from my dad's episode and met this little guy sitting on the bench by himself. I hope someone brings this cutie home tonight. ❤

#SmileYouAreBeauuutiful #walk #walkingmeditation #break #cutie #bear #stuffed #animal #bench #breathing #liberating #mindfulness #compassion #practice

Happy Mother's day to all Mummies of all kinds! Started my day with a yummy brekkie made by me as no one else up. Just did a 2 hour walk with Henry, absolute bliss. Then home to open all my cards #blessed #mothersday #mindfulwalking #walkingmeditation #sundays #motheringsunday

今日秘書長帶我們行禪和教呼吸法☕️🌿 #tszshanmonastery #walkingmeditation #coffeetime

Before sunrise walk in good company 🙏 It appears like my companion, the cat, enjoys the light and shadow play as well. I love it when I wake up early enough to get some writing done & walk before anybody else wakes up..except night animals of course. It comes in especially handy when I have gone to Gran Canaria with the family and - greedy as I am - wish to be present with my family AS WELL as continue my dissertation writing AS WELL as spend time alone. So far it all falls into place alright ✨🙏 #walkingmeditation #celebrations #grancanaria #mumturns60thisspring #walkingmeditation #phdlife #lightandshadow #catcompany #thankful


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