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When you're leaving the restaurant and are so tired you walk right into the glass door thinking it was open!!! Brooke found it quite hilarious as did the rest of the people eating their lunch..... #beenupsince4am #totired #walkingintoglass #onlyhappensinthemovies #edmontonadventures #sistertime @brookeviolet1420

POOR BABY BUG. She walked right into a glass wall forehead first, bounced back, fell on her back and hit the back of her head lightly. Cried like a banshee. She's fine though! For some reason, I found it so hilarious I was trembling with laughter as I was comforting her. And I also realized the decal to tell people there's something there was at my eye level so poor baby couldn't see it. Ahhh, why do I find it so funny?! 😂
#worstmotherontheplanet #walkingintoglass #doingaSunil @sunilsudheesan

Was working at the Mull Head visitors centre the day. I did laugh at this note a tourist had left behind! #oooppps #walkingintoglass #nohandy

Realized the other day when looking for socks at Taboo that porn shops are the new librarys of today where you are supposed to be quiet, respectful and mind your own business. Made quite the entrance banging my head hard into the to slow opening glass doors, knocking over a stand with dick key chains and finishing of with my evil laughter, leaving the poor men in the shop clearly shaken. Tried to joke it of through keeping a constant dialouge with these poor men "don't worry I'm not coming over to trash the movie section as well" while they tried to close their eyes to become invisible. The owner entered wondering what the ruckus was about and the words "that was a hell of a bang" and I spent a great deal of time demonstrating how dangerous those malfunctioning slow doors could be to customers, like me, entering at a high speed while checking their phone (who doesn't enter a porn shop at high speed). None of this was looked upon as correct behaviour by the other customers. I apparently need to upgrade my manners on all levels. Right now, knitting on a sugar rush, should sleep. #pornshops #thenewlibrarys #manners #knitting #thighhighs #walkingintoglass #fail #unwrittenrules #merrychristmas #cat #sugarrush

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