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Never get tired of wandering through these rice terraces 🍃☀️

'The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.'
Happy Birthday Francois-Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire, 21st November, 1694, writer of 20,000 letters and 2,000 books, who might have struggled with his mood choice this morning, waking up at the bottom of a murky pond, on a dreich and drizzly day, hair from straight as an arrow to Farrah Fawcett Flick in three seconds flat. 🙄
This is Ordsall Hall, I pop in here for coffee following meetings with the Greek god at the hospital, not the Greek god today though, but an old flame sitting behind the desk. 😬
He asked me what I was doing now (worst, most uninspired question, ever), I blinked, gathered, and (forgive me) told him I was Instafamous and writing my memoirs in a McCottage on the beach, but he wasn't to worry I'd changed his name and vital statistics. .
He didn't get it - which is why he's an old flame - obvs.
Anyway he looked quite jowly and blowsy which improved my mood considerably.

look me in the eyes little sweety ❤ #phoebesworld

Day 226
The Blorange (part 2)
Thankfully right on queue I peered up to meet the gaze of a walker heading down in the other direction. He looked me up an down and said.. ‘you’ll struggle up there mate’. Happy days, that’s all I needed, there was no way I wasn’t finishing this now.
Three and a half hours, a few falls, and a lot of coffee later we hit the top. I would be lying if I said it was the perfect assent, it was tough, really tough, but my god it was worth it. I had proven to myself that even though I didn’t have the physical capabilities of before, there was nothing wrong my head. I was still the same stubborn bastard that had romped up there in just over an hour eighteen months ago.
We weren’t sure what the physical effects would be, but thankfully I have experienced relatively few repercussions in terms of tone, spasms etc. In fact, this week I have actually felt great physically. It may be because I had a complete rest on Sunday and a relatively low key day Monday, but I think its more to do with the fact I have achieved something. I challenged myself and won. I have no doubt that the mind and body are linked. Every now and again you have to test yourself. You will be surprised what you can achieve with a bit of determination.
P.s. Thanks to you lot who came with me. Especially big Wyn for catching me a couple of times and safeguarding us against a surprise famine. Oh and Charlie is putting together a little video which I will share later this week.

Head tilts for days.... Yes to walkies!!!

All bundled up for our Thanksgiving morning walk ❄️ #thankfulforemcho #walkies #bestbuds

We’re thankful for… Thanksgiving Day walks.

Пусть предновогоднее настроение с каждым днём наполняет души незримым ожиданием сказочных чудес!😍😍😍
#modelwork #photomodel #model #modelmoscow
#moscow #moscowcity #girl #beautifulgirl #walkies #thoughts #goodday #autumn #moscowautumn #vsco #vscogirl


As of today I’m allowed outside in the big world! 🌏 I’m not sure what this this is around my neck but I look pretty cute 🎀

Winter walkies 🐶🍂

Moonlit exploring with #lulu tonight 🌝🐕🌲🔦 #labradoodle #puppy #labradoodlesofinstagram #dog #moonlight #woodland #walkies

Haven’t been very productive today due to possibly about to be hit in the face with illness, so I thought a walk with this doggo may make me feel better 🐾 #dog #doggo #doginsweater #oldmansweater #bear #walk #walkies

Wes telling me he wanted to go on his walk earlier today 🐶 #demanding #walkies #nopatience

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