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Gooooood morning fam☀️👋🏼
Rise and shine wake up with a purpose..
When you realize God's purpose for your life isn't just about you, he will use you in a mighty way.🙏🏼✨

"Purpose is an incredible alarm clock" Morning everyone #wakeupwithpurpose ☺️

"Every morning I wake up with a purpose and a smirk"
#smile #determination #motivation

Seven years spent in medical school and residency......worth every minute! Remember when this day was just a dream. #gotosleepwithadream #wakeupwithpurpose #godisgood #familymedicinedoctors #proudofus

"Light Tomorrow With Today." #WakeUpWithPurpose 👊🏽

#wakeupwithpurpose For some of you, you wake up everyday struggle to get out of bed, can't speak to anybody until you've had your coffee, hate driving to work, hate your body, hate your car, hate your life...AND ITS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! I'm telling you I've been there. The greatest day of your life is when you wake up and you know the reason WHY! You have a purpose a motivation a driving force behind every move that you make. It wasn't that long ago when I would wake up depressed wanting to go back to sleep just to avoid the pain of life. It felt like I was in a black hole to no where. Then guess what happened my life changed, I woke up and realized everything that has happened in my life everything that is going on in my life it is all because of me. I control my thoughts I control my actions I can CHOOSE how I want my life to be! So I did. I started reading books and soaking up as much information as I could. I took what I learned and applied it everyday, before I knew it I doubled my yearly income, changed my body changed my relationship with my family and friends and most important of all.....I changed Me. I'm not saying these things to brag I'm saying it because I want everyone to know that your best life is out there you just have to go and get it! Just how you are looking for it, it is looking for you! When you have a purpose for every action, every action has a result. You better welcome the pain if you ever want to say hello to the growth. It's barely Monday and some of you are already counting down the hours until Friday...guess what I can't make you want something you don't want plain and simple if you want a better life it's up to you to make the sacrifices and make the decisions to lead you there 💪🏼 lets get it

I smell success today! #wakeupwithpurpose

Who is tired of waking up tired and not quite ready to conquer their day?
Who feels like they are simply going through the motions daily and just don't love life every day?

Who feels like they just aren't meant for anything greater?

What if I said you didn't have to feel like this anymore. What are your thoughts?

I am starting my rise and conquer challenge tomorrow and I am so excited!
I have found a solution to getting out of that rut. Setting the tone for your day and loving life. Oh and making any of your dreams come true!
Who wants to join me? Message me or comment below and I will add you to the challenge!
#crushyourrut #hopesanddreams #lovelife #wakeupwithpurpose


Catching up on sleep yesterday!!! Back at it again with sculpting the arms with my cutie trainer!!! These mid week concerts take a toll on me but it’s #Friday!!!

I had a feeling I was going to oversleep. I woke up at 645

The way I look when that chickens coming$$$💯💯😂😂😂😂🙏🏾 #blessed #motivated #awereness #grindhard #wakeupwithpurpose #positivevibes #positiveenergy

And a BETTER version of you! #wakeupwithpurpose #levelup

Tricep spider dips are no joke, y'all. I had to do what felt like a million of them today in my workout, and man did they kill me. I took a mini break to regroup but I pushed through and finished the sets. It doesn't matter how long it takes you, or how many times you have to stop and catch your breath. You woke up with a purpose. As long as you get it done, that's all that matter. Now, go get it done! 💪

Start your morning off right! Give this Iced Coffee Protein Shake a try! Super easy super quick and super yummy! Have a great Thursday my friends

What happens tomorrow... is always up to YOU. In a fraction of a second you can start with one split decision to change what tomorrow brings. How Bad you want to change your tomorrow is up to you. You can be led to the water but no one can make you drink. #wfgsandiego #therealwfg #entrepreneur #crusader #jointhecrusade #teamverafied #teamworkforthedreamwork #faith #family #finance #fitness #ilovewhatido #helpingfamilies #haveabettertomorrow #wakeupwithpurpose #jointhesquad

Back to morning workouts with Eccentric upper with my cutie trainer!!! I was able to do my workouts Friday and Saturday at the hotel gym! Day 14 is complete!!!

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