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The brainwashed are fooled to think it's love... the knowledgeable understand it's their survival strategy
#WakeUpBlackPeople➡ #InterricialBreeding = #BlackGenocide

🎯🎯🎯 we still chasing the golden calf...this is what I was posting about this morning #falseidols #wakeupblackpeople ✊🏾 Repost from @sun_of_kemet_ using @RepostRegramApp - RP from @marvelouskris_

It's a reason why I never show my face here because I don't do this for likes. I've been falsely accused of crimes I did not commit...bit by police dogs twice...police tried to kill me...I died twice at the age of 4 and 9...almost died on over 20+ occasions...grew up in Compton & Los Angeles in the 80's/90's when gangbanging was at it's peak...escaped life in prison and so forth. My goal is to bring people simular to myself closer to the truth but most of all, be apart of trying to get our Black Souljaz to unify (the ones that been tricked into turning our anger towards eachother) because their goal is to wipe us out for good. For us to see that we've been infiltrated and provoked into killing/hating one another. For example, just like The Los Angeles Peace Treaty in 92'. When we as Blacks Unified, the LAPD dressed up in civilian clothes, took the cars of known gangbangers that were confiscated, went to that so called gangbangers rival set/territory to shoot at them causing us to reignite Black on Black war on eachother (facts). The same strategy has been applied in Chicago and all other Black Communities. The cold part is that they created the condition in which we live!!! #wakeupblackpeople #weatwar #weallwegot #blackunityisblackpower

I wanna give a special shout out to my friend @kouturekaoz for making Jocelyn Hernandez complete look for the BET Awards. Maybe if she had on Gucci or Micheal Costello they would've given him credit 🤷🏾‍♂️ #wakeupblackpeople

Ian dumb nor slow nor blind!! We know the time's fuked up in the video. But why I see two different people and two different outfit's?!?!?! #WakeUpBlackPeople #kennekajenkins rip

That Jesus program, once you download it, the virus takes over! Big up sister 😍😍
@Regrann from @realnegus_wakenup3 - How many of ya'll agree with this SISTER/QUEEN? #wakeupblackpeople #weatwar #weallwegot #blackunityisblackpower - #regrann


The true nature of the white race is to be destructive. Arguing and debating with numerous white people, they all say the same thing, "you're (us black people) race were/is premative." Based on whose definition of the word. Secondly, to be in tuned with nature is not primative but spiritual.
They love to say how they have all thw inventors and ushered in this new age, that we as blacks were "saved" from our primitive state to enjoying the luxuries and conviences they are responsible for. First off, every invention they claim to have created was stolen, hacked and then used to, not make the life "convenient", but to promote laziness and ultimately destructive nature. Secondly, if we were so "primitive" and yall were doing so great without the aid of the African, why even come and take us from our indigenous and "primative" land? Y'all already kmow the answer to this question. You wanted our resources and used deceptive tactics in order to gain full access. You say to yourself, "no rules in war" but i say - no one can be more evil and deceptive as the white race.
#dinnerinamerica #slavery #whiteterrorism #whiteprivilege #whitesupremacy #whitemanisthedevil #destructivenature #neanderthals #neanderthugs #wakeupblackpeople #blackunity #blacknationalism #repatriation #panafricanism #redblackandgreen #rbgnation

🏴✖️ALL-BLVCK✖️🏴 ..🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #blackpeople #knowyourworth #knowledgeispower #wakeupblackpeople #powertothepeople #blackknowledge #blackunity#BlackPower #blackisbeautiful #blackexcellence #blackhistory #blackbusiness #blackmovement #blackamerica #Blackempowerment

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