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Peace of heaven🙈 #wakestylecamp @hipnotics 📷by @tanya.milovanova

Ох, такое искусство мне определённо нравится 🔥🤙🏻

It's official! I joined the Never Summer Crew!!! Superstoked with my new Wakeboard 🏄‍♀️🤘🤘
Some of you may already have seen me on my new weapon of choice? The Rooster 2018!
It's the perfect invert machine and helps me with clean landings after kicker hits. But also my obstacle riding improved a lot especially because of the unique and insanely innovative 7-stage-rocker. It gives you not only more edge to cut harder for airtricks but also incredibly more locating surface on obstacles. Balancing on Boxes, Sliders and Rails just got so much easier. Particularly because obstacle riding has never really been my real speciality...
To be totally honest I was trying a lot of boards this year... To be exact: I had 8(!) testboards!!! The Never Summer Rooster was the last one I received and when I unwrapped it from the packaging I was totally shocked. I really thought "Oh boy! Another one of those sh*tty boards from another brand who wants to enter the Wakeboard market..." So I only intended to give it a small try, just to be able to write a review and send it back... Optically it looked way to heavy and stolid. The edge, well the whole board seemed pretty solid and the tips reminded me of a Kiteboard. Ok, so I mounted my boots onto it and took it for a ride. I had been sick of those market niche products, what I expected the Rooster to be.
But suddenly it was love! ❤️ It wasn't love at first sight but love at first ride! 😍 NOTHING EVER FELT SO FAMILIAR!!! 😻 My first test happened three days before the Jetlake International contest and I normally never switch gear so close and last-minute before a competition. But this time it just felt right. It simply felt like the right decision: My airtricks became higher, my kicker hits safer, my obstacle riding cleaner and better. I just felt to ride much more precise and with so much more confidence... And in the end I knew it was completely the right move to make and join the Never Summer team, when I stepped onto the top of the podium after the battle of the competition! 🏆
Thanks to:
Dr. Thomas Hopferwieser

Skipping boards in the pond 📸@as_the_dodo_do #kiteboarding #capetown #wakestyle #flamingo


superman comes to save you via @windbandit

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Peace of heaven🙈 #wakestylecamp @hipnotics 📷by @tanya.milovanova

@tiago_marcussi sempre muito bom ver vc 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 #amigodasantiga #wakelife #wakeniteroi

Hey guys!!! We are now releasing the tenth version of our pure blooded freestyle kite. This iconic kite has reached a major milestone so we decide to do something BIG! The tenth edition of the Obsession blends the previous Obsession and Obsession Pro into one freestyle machine. This means that we made this kite work perfectly with either four or five lines! The Obsession MK10 will now provide for all who want to jump huge, loop like a boss or want to unhook till their arms fall off. 🤙🤙 #rrd #robertoriccidesigns #itsallride #obsession #freestyle #wakestyle #bigair 🎥: Shot and edit by @julien_leleu & @forestbakker/ @rrd_international / @roberto_ricci_designs / @higherground 🔥👊🏝🏄

Ох, такое искусство мне определённо нравится 🔥🤙🏻

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