Feeling very grateful this Father's Day. I didn't always see it but I was lucky enough to have two Dads growing up. One who made me and one who raised me. It's not easy as a young child to understand why one Dad simply left and then another one came along. I was crushed as I loved my biological Dad beyond the stars and was the ultimate Daddy's little girl. Divorce is so hard and confusing to a young child. I knew my Dad was gone out of my life but the silver lining was my new Dad. He raised us as his own, loved us unconditionally and adopted us. He looked at three kids not as baggage with dating our Mom, but as 3 awesome bonuses. Life went on as I knew it. As I got older, my biological Dad and I had chance to mend the past. It has been 5 years since he left this earth and I miss him dearly. I see both of these two men in the woman I am today. From my love for classic rock, disc golf and being a perfectionist to my knowledge of cars, cribbage skills and sarcasm 101, but most of all you both taught me love. Thank you to my two Dads. I am forever grateful. Happy Father's Day. .
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Doggies in booties 😍 Thank you @wasleddogs for having us at the WASSA Guinness World Record Attempt for the most dogs in booties! Hopefully we beat the record next time 🤞🏼 and thank you to @hamr_inc for our goodies from @blackhawkpetcare 😋 #wahuskies #munichthehusky #amayahthehusky #huskiesofinstagram #guinessworldrecord

When you lazy 😒 and sulking 😫 and waiting for a hooman to pick you up and put you on the bed 👑

🧡🧡 Laundry makes the best cat bed 🧡🧡

Say cheese 😬

Must. Have. Hashbrown. #lazerfocus #foodfiend

The look you give your hooman when he’s not giving you enough attention 😫👀🐶

This be my kitty. No touch!

Considering calling Dogs Helpline over this non peanut butter sandwich sharing situation 😫

There’s a fur devil cat behind me isn’t there? 🙀

So... ahh.. you sharing that cheese with us or no?

When you’re cold but you have a husky sister 💙

Pancakes 🥞?? What is it, Christmas or something?? 🎄

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