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#26weekspregnant today 🤰. This past week brought with it tons of bloat and weight gain 😂. I'm hoping most of this water retention is a function of traveling and eating off course for the last 2 weeks. I'm so excited to get back home this week and reacquaint with the gym and healthier food choices 💪🏻. I was super super bloated while pregnant with Ollie, so perhaps this is my new reality 🤣. We'll see what happens! Aside from the added thickness, I've been feeling pretty good overall 😄👌🏻. I have a doc apt later this week so I'm looking forward to getting some baby and weight updates 👶🏼

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I was JUST getting ready to go in on some emails and catch up on some work when I got a call from Kayleigh's school 🙈
Poor girl threw up at school and has a tummy ache.
That's EXACTLY how I felt yesterday 😭😭
Bless her heart ♥️ I'm feeling better today so I'm hoping for a 24 hour bug and that she will be back up and running around tomorrow.
Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Baby boy is going to be a proficient #blogger and #author before he can talk! 😂 Here we are working on an eCourse script together over the weekend! Eating Well on a Budget, a 5-part mini course will launch this summer, and it will be FREE to my email subscribers!! 😍 .
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Beautiful colours & crochet! 😍💕 Tap to meet these talented crafters! ☝☝ Keep tagging your pics #sharethecrochetlove & I'll share some more love soon! 😘😘

Another stressful Monday ☀️ It breaks my heart to remember the days when this guy went to work before they woke up and came home just in time to put them to bed, and how much it pained him and them and how they'd ask every day when was the next "daddy day." It's normal by society's standards but it never felt right for us. We didn't know this kind of freedom existed to be a stay at home family together 24/7 and traveling all the time... but we knew there was more. When Young Living entered our lives, we ran full force with THIS as the prize that kept us going. This for us, and the ability to lead other families to this too. Thank you Lord for restoring our Mondays! 🙌🏼
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Sitting here and reflecting on the weekend ... it was fabulous! The perfect mix of fun, productivity, and relaxation. 👌🏼 It's always a little bit of a bummer when weekends come to a close (who are we kidding, right? 😏), but waking up on Monday and getting to do something you love doesn't make it nearly as much of a bummer. I'm specifically excited to continue working on some new projects for my business this week - including a brand new website (!!!) and a new and improved carb cycling program coming early July! You guys asked for it, I've got it. I'm super stoked! Stay tuned for more details. Time to get to work! Have a lovely Monday friends! 😘 #happymonday #dowhatyoulove #carbcycling

I caught this moment in my bathroom as she was getting ready for her first Youth Group meeting at church tonight. Remember being eleven? Not quite a teen and no longer a little kid? It's dear to me that she wore her favorite Gracie Tee and cut-offs, but took time for a little mascara. She's who she is and she's great with it. I pray it sticks! Anyone else navigating the preteen years?

Mondays got me like; can’t dress myself, someone please refill my coffee and WHO is supposed to be adulting here?! #ohwait #thatsme
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Until Tuesday at noon we are having a 50% off sale on all etsy orders (no customs). Use code HALFOFF to save. There are very limited amounts of certain prints available♡ *link in bio
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Super beast status, two trips are for losers 😂😉 #onetrip

Outfit Inspiration - The gorgeous Watercolor leggings go perfectly with the Bamboo Scoop Neck tunic in salmon. 💗

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It starts with the mind.
Focus on making changes.
The results will follow.
Join my next 30 day challenge beginning June 5th as this will be one of the topics we tackle--- mindset to fitness!
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California take me back! I could definitely get used to the cool nights, refreshing breeze, and gorgeous rolling hills. I can not get used to jet lag. 😂

"Mondays are for wine + The Bachelorette" 🌹👊🍷 Who else is watching?! See our precious post for an EXCLUSIVE discount at checkout!

There is no person in this world that I would rather twin with!!! Love our Mommy and Me leggings!
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Once you get your hands on this LipSense trifecta, your other lipsticks will only disappoint!

I started the 21 Day Fix this week for the first time in over a year. This is the main workout program that helped me lose 50 pounds and many of my clients have seen major success with it too! I am reminded BIG TIME why it works. There's nothing easy about the workouts. I have been SORE. I have wanted to quit. I have made excuses. But, I have NOT given up. 30 minutes a day to feel STRONG and ENERGIZED is worth it to me. It's worth it to me to feel better for my family. It is worth it to me to feel my BEST so I can GIVE my best to those around me.
Starting June 5, I'll be leading a 3 week Summer Strong challenge!
-30 minute workouts you stream at home -a balanced, family friendly meal plan
-my favorite superfood shake -daily encouragement and accountability -me as your coach 🤗 -and... prizes!
For more information drop me a PM or email me at rachel@rachelmarthalerphotography.com I'd love to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

💄COLOR WHERE IT SHOULD BE with LipSense. Patended long-lasting lip color unlike any lipstick or stain you've ever tried. LipSense is 💦 waterproof, kiss-proof & stays exactly in place for up to 18 amazing hours without drying your lips. All day with one application!
4 ways to order:
E mail. xo💋Jenn

👀The month is nearing an end!😲
If you enroll as a Wholesale Customer with dōTERRA, you don't have to commit to anything or "sell" anything...but you will get that good wholesale pricing 😊
There are so many different enrollment kits.
Smaller kits with foundation oils. 🤓Large kits with ALL the oils. 😱Medium kits with products beyond the oils, like toothpaste and shampoo and a diffuser and supplements and probiotics and a pretty wooden box to keep it all in. 😍
This is YOUR opportunity to make a step toward natural solutions for your health, and you'd have me the whole way to help you learn how to use your oils 😉
I mean, it's 50 bucks in free stuff 👀👌🏼.
Enrolling also means you also get connected to my greater dōTERRA team and a whole universe of knowledge and resources. ✨💟☮️
Message me for a list of kits. 💜

I have been a bit quiet on my business page the past couple of weeks! I have had days and nights full of editing, writing, shooting, being a mom and wife, you know, the usual 😉 Life happens.. being a work at home mom is the most challenging (and rewarding) thing I have ever done. I love being home with our little guy and I love running my own business and LOVE photography... ☀️ Over the past couple of weeks, I have realized that I need to slow down a bit and be more present with my family. It was a nice change of pace and I have a whole new perspective on work/life balance... .
On Mother's Day, I asked my husband to take pictures of Bodhi and me telling him "I want to be in the memories, too!" I don't want to see everything through my viewfinder 100% of the time. I want to show my son and myself that I was there... so, I handed the camera to him and I will never regret that because now I have this... and this beautiful moment he captured will only get sweeter with time ☀️❤

I love everything about this manicure. My birthday is coming and this combo makes me HAPPY!! #mymanisbetterthanyours #jamberry #blackandwhiteskinnyjn #sweetnothingjn #hotneonjn #trushinejn #mixedmani #mybirthdaymani

My workspace. I share it with the kiddos when they are doing school work on the computer so it doesn't always look like this 😉 Loving Day 1 of the Instagram challenge with @jennakutcher

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